Ascend a second Little John?

So green has been my worst color pretty much from the beginning of playing E&P, but the game loves giving me mats for them. I have multiple legendary heroes in every color, except no green. So far, my green heroes include:

  • Melendor +20
  • Melendor +1
  • Little John +3
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Caedmon 4^63
  • Little John 3^60
  • Maxed Hisan, Muggy, Berden, Brienne, and Belith

I keep 2 TC 20s running at all times. I don’t plan to summon again until early January, where green possibilities include Buddy, MN, and Gaederius. I have 15 shields and 8 tonics. What should I do with my green feeders when I finish my second Caedmon - feed off-color until January, or give shields to a second LJ?


Little John is nice, but 2x slow heroes on a team are tough except Rush Attack Tourney.

If you do not have Kadilen, or Jack O’Hare, but have Gobbler, Gobbler 4* 3.60 is great for farming ( attack all enemies, average mana speed) and low level titans ( high attack stat )

Kashhrek is 4* 3.60 is useful in some situations, but not if you want to level a Gadeirus.

I often use 2x Hisan or 2x Belith for Rare tier challenge events or tourneys.

Since your alliance is small, additional Melendor 4* 3.60 will not help in war.

Leveling off color may be you best option. Merciless RNG can be cruel.

With your roster could even go into hoard mode and only use loot drops, and 2x Legendary training for leveling until you get a decent green. Just use your other 2x camps for Extra low cost training while you hoard finished Extra low cost training in camps and kits/ backpacks in inventory.

If I could I would trade you a Peters, Elkanen ( or 2 ), Horghall, Gadeirus, or a Hansel ( well my wife has several extra).


I see little value in a second LJ. I’d go for off-color-leveling.

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You shouldn’t have started with the second LJ in the first place. Sometimes my 3 maxed Caedmon are not enough, because I often encounter blue tanks at war. Especially Aegir. Caedmon and Melendor are nice additions within a 3-2 line-up against Aegir. Or Boril/Kiril :slight_smile:

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Noo! Max a second caedmon and a second melendor. Then wait for a decent green. Melendor is very good especially now that there s a costume for him. Dont bother L. John mate


I wish I had any of these options. What you see above is literally everything I have in green right now. Kashrek is to me what Cyp is to you - the only classic four-star who hasn’t shown up yet. I’m all about variety, so if I had him, he’d be next up. Same with Gad or even Gobbler.

Yes, I would love any of these - even Horghall. My first event priority is Guardians in January, but if I can pull Jackal and/or Falcon there, Hansel moves to the top of that list.

As F2P, my thought was to take one classic dupe to 3^60 in case they get a good costume that I want to use alongside the uncostumed version. If that happened, and I drew the costume, I’d only be tier 4 from maxing the dupe. Now that costumes have launched and are so rare for F2P, this may have been a bad idea. :frowning:

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hey, at least you asked before ascending the second Little John. At 3/60, at least you haven’t “wasted” any Shields on him yet.

I agree with off-color leveling with your Green feeders, until you summon again in January. This way you max heroes in other colors faster - still a good use for them.


Agree w/ @Gryphonknight on not continuing on w Little John #2.

Here are some helpful facts:

Reduces mana
Hits all
Little John :green_heart: (hero topic) slow mana
Li Xiu & Costume
Hits 3
Hits 1
Chao & Costume

Boosts Mana
Danza but not guaranteed
Brynhyld :green_heart:
Sir Lancelot

Dispel buffs
Caedman :green_heart:
Meleandor & Costume :green_heart:

Almur :green_heart: is amazing 4*
Buddy :green_heart: is very helpful too.
Definite big plus to Kashrek, esp Costume!! :green_heart:

Etc long list of E&P heros vs LJ.

The procession is full of many green 4* heros which have more versatility than LJ does, and too other heros w/ his like specials are generally more sought after like Li.

Good to use **the trainer** buildings (level 20 will give you a chance at a 5* too) to train for those 4*s. People do gain terriffic heros from there. Strongly recommend it.

I wonder what you decided? Post is nearly 2 years old now since today is April 10, 2021. Were you happy w your decision??

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I just got Little John’s costume, and this helps me to feed away his dupe. :rofl: Thank you @RGYNthePHOENIX. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good day @SamMe :sunrise_over_mountains:

If you are reserving some thought to LJ Costume utility (he isn’t a top green 4 reg. unless E&P buffs our normal little green giant, lol)* these other posts may help you in your query;

`the following links say :-1:t2: to LJ Costume

Some costumes are worse than original - #24 by PeachyKeen

`Than there are :+1:t2: links too

Mixed reviews ehh @SamMe and yet people will sometimes not consider how much faster to level up a costume than a reg. hero. It should be a worthy aspect of conversation, for far less resources you obtain another hero. Than though do reflect on the utility.

Tbh I have LJ. & his Costume. Neither is fully ascended. I am carefully debating over my resources.

I do like LJ effects w/ Costume somewhat since I value mana drops. Guess maybe niche use in Bloody battles chasing top 1% for 100 emblems among other rewards? Yes. There.


Good luck to you in your decisions
Know that what may work for some isn’t so keen to others and you must decide based on your goals, plans for your bench, your resources, etc.

True. Thanks again and good day @RGYNthePHOENIX! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve got a deep bench of 4* greens (two C-Mels, multiple C-Caedmons, Kashrek, Hansel, Almur, the new S4 4* green, two Buddys :sweat_smile:), I guess I really didn’t need to hesitate feeding a second LJ in the first place. :rofl:

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Yes you have an arsenal of 4 star greens :green_heart:

What a menace when bring on 4:1 strong color green, or no doubt too 3:2 strong green. Easily a powerful all 5 set of green machine attackers if you choose it, for the right battles.

Work well with other brilliant heros too. gj!

You were right to have hesitation.
Can’t go “unfeed” a hero, lol. :wink:

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My decision was not to ascend another Little John, and that was the right call. Back when I made this post, I imagined there might be a case where I’d want to use costumed and uncostumed LJ together, but that was a) before we knew what LJ’s costume was and b) before costumes came with the associated hero. Mercifully, my green situation has improved a lot in two years, including Lianna, Bertila, and Heimdall. Sadly, I still do not have LJ’s costume, but he’s emblemed to +20 and is a fixture on my barbarian trial teams.


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