Green tank for Riddles of Wonderland defensive team

Hi everybody,
I’d appreciate if somebody could help me in finding a proper green tank for my defensive team.
I’ve been lucky enough to obtain 4 heroes from Riddles of Wonderland pool (QoH - Alice - White Rabbit - Jabb) and currently I’m using Telluria as tank but I was wondering if there are other possibilities in order to maximize my family bonus (7% mana and 15% critical chance).

I was thinking that Tarlak could be an interesting choice. Ignoring the fact that he’s not a great healer, his skill and the potential critical chance could give a normal attack from +100% to +160% which is really something but I have to test it yet.

Fyi my green 5 stars are:

Lady of the lake
Guardian Chameleon

Thanks in advance

Tarlak has woefully low defence stats - you’d be lucky if he ever fired at tank.

For sure Tarlak is not going to be in tank spot. Maybe QoH will.
I probably explained myself not so good (I’m not English mother tongue). I’m looking for good sinergy between my Wonderland heroes and another green hero.
btw thank you for your reply

Telluria, heading the cast of Wonderland, is a pretty great defense IMO:

White Rabbit | QoH | Telluria | Alice | Jabberwocky

I specifically recommend those positions so Queen has the best chance of protecting Telluria and so Alice can use her debuff snipe earlier in the match to further help protect her and maybe even kill something. W. Rabbit can become fast thanks to the mana bonus + at least a level 5 mana troop. Jabberwocky finishes.

That’s really the best way to maximize the family bonus from the Wonderland family. I don’t see Hatter being good on defense personally – not that you have him, but even if you did I wouldn’t advise him there as he’s easy to play around when fighting him cuz the AI can’t time his skill properly.

I guess you could sub in Hemidall or Atomos if you want some variety for your raid defense. Or costumed Horghall, if you have his costume (if you don’t, then don’t bother). Those three are pretty effective green tanks as well (just not as good as Telluria).


Would do the same that @DaveCozy said, except switching QoH and Alice to make sure that Telliria fires before QoH does, Telluria minion should protect QoH minion and QoH will go off pretty fast with family bonus, Alice left or right makes no difference. Telluria is the perfect choice for tank imo, she protects the best to give time and in war she grants low points for attackers too, being able to make it a 3-flag-kill sometimes :fox_face:


Thank you very much both of you. Pretty good explanation and useful tips.

Either Telluria or LOTL. Even C Kadilen if want a quicker tank