Best defensive team help

Hello, I need some help about the best defensive team i can make with my heroes. I have not all heroes at maximum level, but i will put more efforts in those selected for defensive team.

My actual defense: Drake Fong/ Grazul / Ursena / Magni / Lianna

Blue: Magni, Vela, Richard, Alice, Kiril, Torne
Yellow: Drake Fong, Whire RAbbit, Joon, Leonidas, Justice
Purple: Ursena, Obakan, Proteus, Marie Therese, Merlin, Cyprian, Rigard
Red: Grazul, Natalya, Azlar, Jean Francois, Elena, Boldtusk©
Green: Lianna, Horghall, Melendor©, Ratatoskr, Gadeirus, Kashhrek, Brynhild


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Personally I would max White Rabbit and throw him in left wing or Melendor in left wing with White Rabbit at left flank. White rabbit has a great defense down and the rest of your team benefits from it. Melendor would be good as well for his dispel and he heals a higher percentage than Grazul. Once you have Grazul maxed she is a more viable option in the current meta. Tough one though cause you have a lot of great heroes :+1:

With that lineup I’d go for an all offense, ultra punishing to a bad board group of:

JF, Drake, Ursena, Vela, Lianna

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Drake, JF, ursena, vela, whiterabbit

Due to purple tank it seems to be okay for me to have holy wings.

No healer needed in pvp, its just a smash-or-be-smashed fight.

Good luck, I think 19 talented ursena is still the best tank :wink:

If you went with these five you’d want Rabbit left and Drake right so if rabbit fires the same turn as anyone else, they’d get the advantage of his defence down before it can be dispelled

Thats true of course :slight_smile:

I think The weakest link at your current defense is grazul. U don’t need to put her on defense.

Go all the way with offensive team.

I agree with halifax suggestion:
JF - drake - ursena - vela - lianna. This is good defense :+1:

Alternately my another version is remove JF and add Joon

So the defense will be:

Thanks a lot guys!
I will start leveling and give talents to Vela 4/61 and JF 4/14.

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