Blue mono team help please

I have pulled and pulled for a good blue hero to help my team out. I just can’t get one. My other mono teams are great and my bench is deep enough for what I need for war and raiding.

Individually I like these heroes but they’re always dead when I need them. Please give me some ideas on how to improve this mono team. I’m open to emblem any 4* or max a duplicate Ariel or Magni and hope for a costume.

Here’s what I have ready to step up.

These are my other maxed teams, just so you have an idea of my roster.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe chuck some emblems on Kiril sawp with sonya. Extra heal either costume version or normal take yah pick. Can give you attack up or costume defence before isarnia fires then you still getting damaged delt.
Maybe joltt could look at he more tile needed though, I’d maybe try them two.

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Hmm…not an easy question.
Maybe try to swap Kiril for Isarnia. Other than that i cannot see any decent upgrade.

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Thanks for the ideas. I gave Kiril some emblems I’ll swap him in and out for soyna and Richard. His attack stat is much better than Richards and I had forgotten about the costume mana bonus.

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