Green god of resurection - Heimdall is in the house aka how to setup def team⁹

So my bragging title says it all :slight_smile:
I failed with alby, I failed with MN…but hey - f2p cannot count on any extras unless lucky shot appears.
This month I was extremely lucky: Liana from TC, JF from single atlantis pull and Heimdall from saved gems…dry streak - here I come :slight_smile:
But now - having a variety I need to setup some def team. My current one consist of those individuals who keep me in diamond (on the edge :slight_smile: )

Below some options that require training (mats secured), but Heimdall gets privilege position in the left corner :slight_smile:

  1. JF tanks despite mixed feelings. Some emblems can be added (kiril will gladly share - proteus keeps +19)

  1. Thorne goes in the middle and the emblems are taken from Ares.

Remaining heroes to include: 2nd Seshat, Kingston, Isarnia, Mariana, vivica (clasic).

Heimdall is a tank and nothing else, maybe flank, but waisted on wing.


what @Olmor says. He is in charge when we talk green healers/resurrectors.
He is the leading expert in the field of green healers. :rofl:

Sesh Heimie Jean King Joon


You should try a team like this:
Thorne - Heimdall - Jean-François - Seshat - Joon

Seshat with minions + extra hp is hellish.

edit: however if you get a better blue than Thorne it’s better :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have limited options considering blue heroes, ie. Isarnia and Thorne…2 TC’s are trying so hard to produce Magni or Richard but up to no good :frowning:
I’m quite familiar with @Olmor vids where his greenery is slowly killing opponent :slight_smile: therefore his advices are more than welcome. Whenever I finish levelling Heidall and JF, I’ll update this thread to post some results.
Last but not least - I’ve checked my Ares +7 stats.
Def 777 and 1478 health. Plus 15% from the troop makes and 20% as def team = 1072 def as starting point (and still an option to get 25% increase from pal skill).
Now Heimdall. At +7 he will have 872 def as starting point. Let’s add troops, so we go to 1002 and the def factor = 1202… and still an option to temp increase to 1500 whenever the skill is activated :slight_smile:
Looks like he can become a decent tank as well…

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If any hero (but thinking about Seshat) has boosted (over maximum) HP and a minion, will the minion be damaged before the boosted HP? Guessing it should be this way… If it isn’t, then Seshat minions just got even better…

Minions are always killed before health is going down.

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That’s interesting, why Heimdall tank with almost the same ability as Alby & MN - because of his stats and/or his class?

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Some proof attached :slight_smile:
You get additional light bar with surplus health…
But combination: 3 minions and additional health for seshat on wing sounds nasty (in my case - make it double)


Because of his base stats, class, lower resurrections’ chances and his kind of healing: if he activates early he is able to drastically improve his allies’ survivability.


You want to boost the health of almost the whole team. Ressurection is just a goodie on top, but he shines for his health boost.


Okay thank you :slight_smile: then my alt will get a whole new def with Heimdall in the center.

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you have this roster as f2p?

I would heavily recommend against JF on defense. The dude does no damage against a team that blocks status ailments (grazul) or cures them.

I would try: Kingston, Isarnia, Heimdall, Thorne, Sesh

I think it could make for an extremely lethal team.

What can I say - rng gods are sometimes completely unpredictable :slight_smile: that Heimdall popped up on 3rd pull (I do only single ones as my patience to collect 3k gems is heavily limited).
Regarding your advice as well as others - JF is losing the battle for the rings with Mariana :slight_smile: but to the point - I’ll level everyone and we will see how does the team performs :slight_smile:

so lucky. I saved up for 30 pulls the moment Telluria came out and got none of the 5* green healers available at the moment. A green 5* tank would go so well with my roster.

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