Defense team suggestion =/

I have some strong 5* heroes that I have gathered over the years. Now I am having a hard time figurin out how to setup my Defense-team though. Any tips would be helpful.

I currently run Heimdall, Elena, Neith, Lepiota, Ariel.

Disregarding emblems and purely focusing on best synergy:

Athena counters a red stack, and that defense drop hurts, like a lot, while Gravemaker presents a significant risk to a green stack (excluding Kingston). Sartana and Joon would just be your standard wing snipers.


Interesting to see a suggestion of 2 original heroes. Was thinking perhaps Gefjon as red but Gravemaker is always a safe bet. Athena is solid too and was thinking of adding her to the lineup but that would bump Ariel from the lineup. Do I really gain an advantage using only 1 healer?

I love my Lepiota to death but feel like she might not be that useful on DEF. She is truly outstanding on raid/war- attacks though.

I only have enough emblems to max one hero from each talent tree so I would like the possibility of having Talent 20 on my defense team. Thoughts on that?

Heimdall is your best tank option, so you should start there. Really he’s your only viable tank option.

Heimdall is an overhealer, you need firepower alongside with him. Also he’s slow, you want his flanks to be as fast as possible.
Also don’t run slow heroes on the wing (except very specific heroes) they most likely won’t be ready on time. You put Heimdall on the wing, so most likely all he does is heal himself. Sometimes get to revive a fallen ally but that’s rare (10%)

So let’s talk about synergies. With Heimdall as a Tank that automatically discards Ariel. You don’t want 2 healers in a defense team, considering you don’t already have a lot of firepower.

You also probably don’t want Khiona who boosts attack… Heimdall buffs attack too, and what would be the point of overbuffing Heimdall in a first place. I don’t see Lepiota as a defense option. She’s a good hero but she’s tactical, you need to choose who she discards otherwise it may just be a stupid move from rng.

Neith is not a bad option, she’s annoying with her blind and mana cut. We will keep her.
Sartana is a good wing option, so we have our right side.

You don’t have a tremendly good ice hero for defense. Your best solution is Athena (amazing offense hero) but she’s unemblemed.
Regarding red, you have one of the best defense hero in game, Gravemaker.
As Athena is unemblemed I would wing her, and flank GM. You should give emblems to Athena. Once Athena is high enough maybe switch Athena to flank and GM to wing.

So that would be

Athena GM Heimdall Neith Sartana

Also you should not necessarily push all your heroes to 20 emblems. Nodes 19 and 20 are expensive ans you can push another hero quite high already if you stop at 18. When you reach node 18 really think twice to check if it is really beneficial (I think it is for Heimdall, but rangers like Neith really don’t need to go higher than 18)

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Joon with 1 emblem is too weak to be in defense. He really does not have the firepower required to make enough damage.
Same for Athena, without emblems she does not do that much damage, even to red heroes. For the moment she’s mostly useful for her defense debuff and really because there’s no other choice.

I have the necessary emblems for Joon and Athena if I reset Tarlak and Neith. =)

I know, that’s why I prefaced my post with “Disregarding emblems and purely focusing on best synergy:”.

I was purely focused on building the best possible defense out of the lineup, irrespective of where the emblems are.

Still think Neith is better than Joon anyway, in this team. She brings a bit of annoyance, while the rest is mostly sniping.

I thought about it too, but decided Joon was etter for two reasons:

  • fast vs average
  • as you said Neith is an annoyance, but Joon will just straight up kill one of your heroes especially with Athena’s debuff on

And I can max the Talents for Athena and Joon but Athena and Naith has the same Talent so can only max one there. Therefore Athena and Joon might be the better combo.

I would say to try both, but that means reseting heroes.

@Saxonic I propose the following
Try what I proposed which does not imply at this stage reseting any hero. Give Athena all ranger emblems you have left as you will benefit from it anyway (she’s one of your best heroes, and probably helpful against most titans)
If you’re satisfied with it, then go with it.

If you are not, do as you suggested, reset Neith and Tarlak to emblem Joon and Athena and go with rho’s proposal
Push Athena only to node 18. Node 19 is useful for offensive monks such as Joon, Node 20 would depend on your mana troop level (if 29 you don’t need it, if 17 or above Joon would benefit from it, below 17 don’t)… I would not do it personally.


I would strongly heed this advice, the last two nodes of 5* heroes cost a whooping 375 emblems. To put that into perspective for you, 395 emblems is all you need to bring a 4* to +18. Or put it another way, if you brought three 5* to +18 instead of +20, you could bring a 4th one to +18 as well. It takes 1125 emblems to bring a 5* to +18, and 3 x 375 = 1125. For this reason I only have a single +20 5* hero - Gravemaker, and a select few at +19, while everybody else stopped at +18.

It’s also extraordinarily expensive to reset a 5* even with reset tokens, so definitely don’t just push any hero all the way to +20 without very very very good reason. Of particular note, the last two nodes for clerics (especially the last node) are virtually worthless. And it’s debatable how much value the last node for druids, monks, rangers, rogues, and sorcerers have given the very high cost (250 emblems).


I would go Gravemaker- Frida- Heimdall - Athena - Anzogh

1)Even after Heimdall dies, you got healing from Anzogh
2) You got resistances either vs blue and green
3) red and green are punished more if enemy picks
4) Anzogh can potentially benefit from def down and attack up to even be a good healer late. Ideally, he should be on flank, but wanted to squizze in Frida for dispell and even increased athena dmg to red

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Sounds like a useful strategy as well.

You guys have any suggestion on an attack-team too? Lepiota has done wonder for me in the short time I’ve had her so she clearly belongs in there. The ability to neutralize tough opponents is ibcredibly useful.

We don’t have the troops, but I would highly recommend not to follow that advice, unless both troops in the same colour have less 3 levels of difference, or if the 2nd is at least level 23 (which I dint believe is the case).
People often do not pay enough attention for troops, but they are critical, even more in defense.

Your attack should depend on the defense team. You should try playing in mono, 3/2, 4/1, 2/2/1 or even rainbow and see what is the best fit for you, also considering team synergy.

That is the current defense I set up. With the best mana-troops I have.

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