Ascension Advice - Green Hero

Need some advice on which green to ascend next


It boils down to Francine or Heimdall and one simple question.

We run green tanks so is Heimdall +20 a better tank than Telluria or Jade +20 and is it enough of a difference to promote him over Francine?

Been stuck on this one for ages so need to stop procrastinating!

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Heimdall is amazing. Go for it.

That is tough!
If he goes off its twice as hard to come back over a Telly tank.
If Francine goes off and i dont die, i have a better chance over a Telly or Heimdell tank.
And have you thought about Kadilen costume, maybe? Or not worried :grin:

If i had Kadilen costume it would be a no brainer.

Not likely to get her though as i refuse to spend after the new costume cash grab

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Feel the same way, but luckily scored her with keys, she is good.

My vote goes to Francine. With Green tanks, you are stacked. Mother North and Alby can do a lot of what Heimdall does. Francine is super useful and has great stats in a green stack.


If your concern is resurrection, but the main benefit of Heim is adding the overheal.


That’s true, often I forget of Heim’s resurrection until it burns me attacking him. A fully emblemed Frigg is a better tank IMO. Heim will help a lot for challenges and the season 4 map with the overheal. But stacking green and doing raids, I’d prefer Francine. I’d love to have both of those heroes.

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