Defence team set up

Hi everyone,

Just after some advice and ideas on defence team.

Current defence team is Anzogh (11) - Joon (11) - Thorne (11) - Lianna (14) - Vivica (10)

My other levelled 5* heros are
Green: Atomos (11), Heimdall almost at full ascension
Red: Khagan, Elena at 3/70
Blue: Isarnia
Purple: Quintus at 2/60

My plan is to transfer emblems from Thorne to Heimdall and have as Tank, keep Joon and then I’m not sure how to set the rest of the team up… My only realistic option for purple is Sabina (20) I have costume Tibertus but that means removing emblems from Lianna


Welcome to the forum.

You’ve got some good characters to work with. With you having two great greens I might would try

Joon, Heimdall, Anzogh, Thorne lianna.
Or lianna Isarnia Anzogh Heimdall joon

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Its the toss up between splitting emblems. Anzogh and Isarnia are both Wizard, and Heimdall and Thorne both paladin. Split them down the middle and have 5 or 6 each. I think i prefer Isarnia over Thorne and leave Heimdall as emblemed as i can

If this is for your Raid Defense, you’re already set, and I wouldn’t spend time or resources there. Holding over 2400 cups doesn’t help you.

If you’re talking about WAR defense, does your ally coordinate tank colors?

I think going from Thorne to Heimdall is an excellent idea either way, he’s an incredible hero.

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Yeah, we use blue tank which isn’t helping with set-up.

In that case, I think Isarnia will be your best option. She’s not as sturdy as Thorne, but if she fires, you basically win.

Back her up w/ buffers and healers w/ snipers in the corners, and I think you’re there. It’s not rainbow, but it doesn’t have emblem conflicts:

Joon - Heimdall - Isarnia - Viv - Lianna

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Its not a good thing to use 3 slow heroes in a defense lineup IMO. And Isarnia is not exactly a tanky character. If i were you i would tank with Heimdall on my regular defense and Thorne on my war defense. But i suggest you should propose a shift from using blue tanks because Blue is the weakest color when it comes to tanks, all other colors have very good tanks, blue only has Aegir who is easily counterable. So i think you should focus on Heimdall with emblems and if you are still using blue tanks just tank with a regular Thorne, war is not about the individual defense power anyways.

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