Mess of heroes, what to ascend next

So many Druid, sorcerers, fighters and paladins…I’m stuck on who to max next. Ice seems easy call with magni over Thorne, Telly seems the easy call for green…any ideas on what the heck to do would be appreciated

Heimdall is the best green tank in game - period. Check out some youtube videos on him. But Telluria and Freya together are quite deadly. Tyr is an undead tank, hard to kill, but does not do too much damage… These are the top 4 I see, would avoid Richard, Magni and others. Might also depend what you build around your tank - I would recommend Heimdall + sttong snipers / attackers.

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I have mats for one of each color, needing to decide on one dark, holy, fire and nature basically. Ice I need an attacker so magni will go now. Originally I was going with heimdal until I faced so many Telly tanks

To help, you need to stop burning heroes on things you don’t need. I noticed you have a maxed Kingston and then 2 other kingston that you have leveled up which is a total waste of feeders. Pick one of each color, and only level those five. You can replace that color if you draw another one that better suits your team, but don’t randomly give precious feeder heroes to dead ends.

Those were leveled before I had any additional heroes

Red: Tyr
Blue: Magni or 2nd Vela is also an option
Green: Heimdall, you already have great tank Ursena. So Telluria can wait and also sturdy at 3.70, and Ratatoskr is also great ofense support, avarage direct healer.
Yellow: Joon or Gazelle.
Purple: Freya

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@Dthompjr Instead of partly leveling copies that are not really useful at 2/60, you can consider to level some 3* heroes for tournaments and challenges and max. some good 4* heroes for your war teams while waiting for mats for more 5* heroes

Thank you Jinbatsu and Masell, if any moderator reads this please just close the thread!

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In the future you can flag your thread for it to be closed (just use the fourth option: something else). I’ve done it for you, so no need to flag it again.


Closed per OP Request :slight_smile:

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