Green Dream Machine

Meeee again! 15 shields! … 2 tonics. Cause SG rng is hilarious that way.
Congalach maxed, Franz limit broken, its time for a new green project. And as I lack the ascension mats for Evelyn its going to be a 4✨️

  • Hansel
  • Peters
  • Melendor (w/costume)
  • Almur
  • Tettukh
  • Caedmon
  • Wren

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Depense what you need; Almur is amazing for titans, Almur, Franz, Frig, Rat and Bertulf almost everytime 100k on blue titans :upside_down_face: Peters, Tet and Hansel
are really good mana controllers and Caedmon is good 4* sniper with dispel, Melendor also very versatile; it boils down to what you need in your roster, not sure how deep your bench is but 4* will only make use on turneys and events, at least to me. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Assume my roster is a sad sad place … because it is :sweat_smile: I’ve been playing maybe 3 or 4 months and virtually need everything. This screenshot may not be 100% up to date but gives you an idea.
Screenshot_20220506-143004_Samsung Internet

It does not look bad at all, you have some great heroes :slight_smile: As you don’t have a green healer, I’d go with Melendor first, then Almur to deliver great titan scores until Evelyn is ready. After that all the mana controllers.

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I would say Mel, especially with costume. Healers are essential as well as dispellers.

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Thanks everyone! Mel is next :blush:

That’s a much better looking roster than I had after 3 months that for sure.

Mel brings a good heal and the costume is super good, Tettukh & Peters bring some silence which is great in Rush. I still use my Tettukh every rush…Peters not anymore as Tettukh is generally better and I only need 1 of them

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Thanks! I’m nearly done Xnolphod so I need to pick a new purple soon. Now I’m going to be torn between these guys… Adding Mel, doing Sabina next might be too much? I feel like my roster is support and heal heavy with little fire power :thinking:

Youre purples are good, i will prioritize ahhotep, then proteus and ametrine

Wait costume sabina should be, i havent seen her costume, very effective against buffers, taunters

Hansel and then Proteus for me. Healers are overrated, quick win and you do not need them! Besides they cannot be used in Bloody Battle anyway :sweat_smile: Mana control is everything.

…Errr, well ooook. Costumed Gandalf is amazing. Sabina too. I do recall running Almur, Hansel and Caedmon for such a long time, though, and it was my go to in all raids when I was just starting out. Worth to consider. Fast Defense Down is extraordinary. Paired with a dispeller and mana control and nomnom.

Your collection is amazing, congratulations :heart_eyes:

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