Help with Greens on Alt Account

With Shriekwood at the end of the month I have a few options for my greens… I can possibly max Marg and a 4*, Atomos and 2 4s or 3 4s. My roster has A LOT of healers and utility heroes. I currently have Tarlak +1, Mel +6, Caed +3. Options are below.

Thanks for any help!

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Hansel1, then Hansel2, you wont regret it :slightly_smiling_face:


This was my main plan unless someone saw something better as I’m hoping for good luck and a zeline pull next Atlantis rises… Might need to pull the emblems off of boril though…

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Yeah leave those 5* alone

Hansel 1&2 and even a second Caed or Mel

I only have 1 Hansel but 3 maxed Mels, 2 maxed Caeds with a 3rd at 60

Great depth to have.

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Currently have Hansel +18. He is in my main defense until I get 1 more tonic for Evelyn. I hold in Diamond just fine. Very fun to play with.

On my main account I have one at 4/11 and rising… Love him in war! I have gretel too on the rise!


Lmao this is hilarious!

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