Next green project


Some good green heroes dropped lately and just have finished lvling c.Caedmon so, who would you choose for next green project?

Almur: The only green def. down I got
Peters: Gret special. Already got Proteus and I´m lvling secon one atm, but someone that stops enemies specials is always useful.
Zocc: Not sure about him, but is a HotM and has 5* stats.
Other greens that I have at 1/1 are Elkanen, Horgall, Kashhrek+C and some more that we can forget for the moment.

My full lvled greens are Kingston+11, Melendor+9, Melendor, c. Caedmon+20, LotL+5, LJ+6 and some 3*

Thougs? :thinking:

Since theres no Evelyn go for almur I’d say.

Combing Zocc and Peter’s sounds funny for later too.


i would level almur for sure

peters is a good one, hansel is slightly better in my opinion but peters is still good if you don’t have hansel

not a fan of zocc personally but opinions vary

elk seems ok with costume if you can emblem him a bit and pair him with a green def down(though i say seems because i haven’t tried it but am in strong consideration of it)

almur and peters seem like the “for sure” choices I’d level up


+1 for Almur
def down element for titan and for everything green stack


Seems that Almur is the winer :grin: Been a 4* makes him easier to lvl and elemental def down at fast speed looks useful. LotL will have to share the sorcerer emblems soon.

Thanks for sharing your thougs.

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another vote for Almur… and Happy Cake Day!

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20 cake days

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Helps that Almur is a sorcerer, too. I’m splitting emblems with Ursena. Need that elemental debuff!

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