Green 5* some good ones to choose from

Been blessed with some lucky pulls in the past few months. I’ve got 12 tonics to burn, and looking to choose 2 greens to level next.

My current Def Team is:
Kingston +10
Ariel +11
Ursena +11
Gravemaker +15
Joon +12

My other maxed 5* are:
G. Gazelle +4
Athena +11
Alberich +9
Ares +9
Black Knight

Currently working on Freya (2nd Tier and climbing), and will possibly push Inari (currently at 3/70) to max once I’m done with Mist and Kvasir.

That being said, I have Telluria, Heimdall and costumed Lianna all at 1/1, and Mother North at 3/70.

I think I can park M. North at 3/70 for now as I have a maxed Alby, and thinking it is best to max Telluria 1st as her and Freya will have great synergy, as well as providing something different in my Green stack. She can also eat all of Ares’s emblems plus some I have in my stockpile to get her to +12ish. For that second green, should I max Heimdall to battle against the inevitable onslaught of HP reduction heroes? Costumed Lianna to give me a little extra punch alongside Kingston?

Part of me just wants to max M. North and Heimdall just for the resurrection lols.

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