5 star Green advice

Hey all, looking for some advice on 5 star greens. I just got my 6th tonic today and have a decision to make… currently I have

Heimdall 4/80
Zocc 4/80
Lianna (with costume) at 3/70
Jade 3/70
Mother North 3/70
Kadilen 3/70
Bertila 1/1
Elkanen 1/1

I’m leaning towards Lianna but want to see what you all think as it takes a while to accumulate tonics

Thanks for your input :grin:


Lianna is best choice, fast powerfull sniper


Lianna with costume bonus and emblems is one of the best sniper in the game.

I love her with costume bonus and 19 emblem levels


Great thanks for reassuring me :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Definitely Lianna with costume and emblems :heart_eyes:

Here’s mine:

And I suggest emblems to at least 7+ in order to activate 3 of 5 (of her) talents (even though she competes with my Evelyn)

Best of Luck


I would digress from the most popular opinion here. I vote for Mother North. Max her. Emblem her. Even accompanied with 3/70 legendaries with weak damage by reason that they are not maxed, them reviving every now and then because of MN’s porridge would be a delight. She revives, summons minions and heals. She is a nice safety net for you when raiding or hitting in the war. She is a game changer. Don’t get me wrong, Lianna is cool, too. She is one of those heroes designed only for one thing: KILLING THE TARGET.

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I would do mother north first, evennthough you have heimdall, MN is usefull everywhere… i have Lianna with costume at +14 , she is great… but MN should be first imho

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