Ares or grazul?

I currently run tel as my main war / defense tank ( like a lot of people) so I’m undecided who to give the time consuming rings to. I know Grazul can be an effective counter to tel, GM, vela etc especially running at very fast speed but it would be foolish to overlook Ares with his heal, crit and attack boost. Thoughts people?

Very much recommend Grazul.

She is not just “effective” shes an absolute BEAST at countering them…

Ares heal, crit & attack boost are primarily of benefit to titan fights these days… I don’t see him getting a lot of love elsewhere…


No contest: Grazul 100%


Love my Graz. Wouldn’t trade 3 Ares for her.


Grazul Grazul Grazul without a doubt Grazul. If i were given those options i wouldn’t even look in the direction of Ares


I have Ares: better than a vanilla Fire tank, but not a showstopping must-have. I’d shed not a single tear if a 1/1 Grazul magically took the place of my fully levelled and emblemed Ares.

grazul for raids, tournies, war
ares for titans

3-4 titan hits a day
10,15,20+ raids a day

+20 votes for Grazul

Unless you somehow received Vanda