Gravemaker Level 19 Talent - Question

Hi guys, quick question. For level 19, what path would you choose MANA or DEFENSE?

Is there any value of choosing mana? I already have level 23 and 11 mana troops and he fires in 6 tiles. I’m not sure how defense works for mana generation - there might be a case to be made there?


Mana node will reduce it to a Level 5 troop needed so you can put your mana troops elsewhere (if you wanted).

Defence Talent is a known quantity.

I’m not 100% sure how the “defence team mana mechanics” work but I BELIEVE they get passive mana generation equal to 2 or so tiles per turn. They also get mana generation for each tile that hits them…

I’m getting close to that decision point and will do mana. As guvnor said, frees up your level 11 troop for a level 5

Good point. Didn’t know it would reduce to Level 5 requirement.

I currently have 23 and 11 mana troops. So I could level up another to 5, and stack GM (5), Grazul (11) and Mitsuko (23) in a red stack. That would be pretty sick.

Thanks for the input. Mana it is.

Will you guys stop at 19, or take him up to 20? Seems like a lot of emblems for not a great return on the last node.


I’m stopping. For all classes except the mana

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Makes sense. I think I’ll do the same.

125 emblems (for node 19) - that’s a pass for me. Do you not have any other viable Barbarian?

Hey, Abigor. Did you go the mana bonus route? If so, how did that work?

I did and it worked fine for a long time as I worked on my mana troops. If you go mana node he will fire in 6 tiles with a mana troop level 5.

But I recently reset him and chose the D path instead because I now have multiple copies of advanced mana troops in all color.

So, it was a good decision in the short/med-term… but bad one long term.

Thank you, sir.

I greatly appreciate any input. :pray::100:

Need to choose which nodes for GM.

My troops are merely at 9 level = a Work in progress. But down the road they will reach lvl 11, later 23… eventually 30.

Which troop levels effect the mana speed?
Would going defense at 19 be best for GM??
Especially for GM at lvl 19, than 20.
Or should I hold onto the emblems awhile longer until enough to make GM a lvl 20?

Thank you for your input.

If you give him mana you can get him firing on six tiles with just a level 5 troop, and save bigger mana troops for other heroes

Edit: that means firing on six tiles right now!

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Thank you @Infinite for responding.
GM w/ mana node will fire faster at lvl 5 troops? Is that a mana troop I need w/ him?

This information helps!


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That would be the level five mana troop yes.

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Yes, breaking him down to six tiles (therefore only two normal matches) is either a level 11 mana troop OR a level 5 mana troop plus any other 2% mana bonus

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Your input is essential to my gaining knowledge about this area of E&P. @Infinite and @Chadmo sharing your educated experiences is appreciated. Knowledge must be honed to implement quality game play… thank you!!



No worries. Most people on this forum are here to help!


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Defense all the way, you’ll eventually level a second lv 11 troop, but you can’t just find extra defense out of nowhere.

And actually for this reason I very rarely take the mana bonus unless it’s to make an average hero functionally fast and I don’t have a (second) lv 23 troop.

Yes you can use a lv 5 troop on him with the mana node, but both his direct hit and DoT scale with attack power, so higher troop = higher damage as well

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@rho this was my conscience consideration too. The very reason I brought my situation to the forum. We are thinking on the same strategy plane.

But no doubt some will argue that there are Defense up heros to boost his/ others defense. Until they “die” in play they may here/ there boost the defense however, if we select the defense node than it is certain he has more defense.

He could use more defense stat since it presents at 762. Not bad but not at all in top 10 either.

Hmmm. Still undecided. Due to his 1428 xp.

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