Mana generation on defense?

Can anybody tell me how exactly mana generation for defending heroes works?

Obviously, the more tiles you send at them per turn the less mana per tile is generated. But how exactly is it calculated? This information is very valuable for your raids/wars…

A corollary few players realize: Because mana on defense isn’t generated strictly in integers, on defense you don’t need exactly mana troops Lvl 17 for slow or 23 for medium to have an impact on the speed of your team.

I think I saw a post about this a few months ago but don’t find it anymore. Can anybody post a link?

Here you go :point_down:


Hello Folks,

I have Valeria, who is Very fast Mana. Now, with a lvl 11 Mana Troop, (9%) it takes 6 hit tiles or 3 ghosted tiles to fill her Mana on offense. This is as far as I can take her, as it takes 30% to drop it to 5 hit tiles and (?) ghosted. I am wondering, do Mana Troops and/or Mana Nodes on the Talent Grid have any effect on my Defense Teams Mana Recovery? This affects my decision on whether or not to fill the 20th node (4% Mana Recovery) on the Talent grid, which takes 70 emblems. Thx in advance.

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