Need help with gravemaker

emblem 19, which should put on my gravemaker, defense or mana increase? Why?

Definitely defense. Very fast heroes only need a lvl 11 mana troop to be ready in 6 tiles.
This is the chart I go to for mana decisions. Doesn’t show costume bonus but just remember to add 5% in those cases.


Depends on your troops that you can use him with.
As above poster already mentioned, if you have level 11 mana troop then always go for the defecence survivabilty is key. You want him to live as long as possible so he can do maximum damage.

If you use him as tank, I would personally go mana. That would factor into a quicker special when he absorbs multiple tiles in one go. Defense mana gain is more analog than in attack. That extra defense is not too likely to move a mono hit from 3 tiles to 4 tiles.