Gravemaker mana bonus

Howdy Folks.

Got 125 barb axes for GM’s 19th node. Will the mana bonus make sense at all?

My red mana troops are at lvl 22, 12 and 11. GM always gets the soon to be 23 troop.

If I understand this correctly, at the moment, there is no way to speed up a V FST hero more than a tile w/o some kinda Khagan or ninja bonuses, but then again maybe there’s something in beta with new mana meta.

So, Barbarian 19 mana bonus worth it?

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Very fast heroes shave off a tile for filling mana if supported by a level 11 mana troop. If you opt for the +19 mana bonus, you can support such VF hero by a level 5 mana troop to have the same effect of reducing 1 tile in filling up the mana bar. I have both my Gravemaker and Kageburado with their 19th nodes opted to the defense bonus where it is more significant and impacting than the +2% mana bonus. I mean, they are already very fast and very good at what they do that reducing the mana further is nothing but a waste of 125 emblems.


I’m afraid the moment I give him defense over mana, SG will add something to shave off 2 tiles, that will only work with that class bonus.

How likely is that, though, in the short term? And if it does happen, that’s what reset tokens are for. Meanwhile you’ve been getting use from your super-tough GM.

I personally went the other side as a L11 mana troop is quite easy to achieve (comparing to a L5 mana troop).

So there really isn’t much / any gain.

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Thanks, guys.

I’m leaning towards DEF, but need a day to brainstorm this.

My current Telluria/Vela Killerz Team for now is Kage, Mitsuko, Sumitomo, Gravemaker and Grazul. Once I get to lvl 23, I will take Sumitomo out, and give Mitsuko the 23 troop, so she can help Vela kill herself. GM will then get a lvl 12 mana troop.

Is there any scenario I’m missing where the +2% would make sense?


In my monored team against most green tanks, my level 25 mana troop goes to my Wilbur+18 (i need him to fire his skills in 9 tiles to protect the entire team due to the shared damage), level 11 mana troop to my Mitsuko+20 (the last node of her talent is +4% mana bonus, so she fires also in 9 tiles), level 5 mana bonus to Boldtusk+18 with MCB (also fires in 9 tiles and will heal my team for whatever shared damage they get as well as buffs Mitsuko’s attack). My Falcon+18 is supported by a level 5 crit troop while unemblemed Azlar or Gravemaker+19 is supported by a level 20 crit troop. In 9 tiles, heroes are fired from BT, then Wilbur and then Mitsuko to protect the team from blue offensive skills by dumping tiles at them and forcing them to fill their mana for them to fire their skills (news flash: Vela is nerfed so much that she doesnt die on Mitsuko’s reflect as you need her to fire her skills 2 to 3 times before dying, but most blue dies though, except Cobalt who bypasses), and while looking for the next red match for me to fill mana of Falcon and Azlar, hopefully while under Wilbur’s shared damage to maximize damage output.

Ranger talent where the +2% mana bonus can be opted early and you may need this to support an average hero by a level 17 mana troop instead of level 23. Example is Neith or Tiburtus. Another is when you have a limited number of mana troops (like the case I have mentioned above as I only have 3 of them but instead of Mitsuko, you have another class that only give +2% mana bonus in the talent tree and level 17 mana troop is a bit easier to do).

Thanks, Ultra. I noticed Vela doesnt killherself at once anymore. She does however still give herself the DOT, if I dont use Grazul. And if I have 5 heroes up with Sumitomo’s special active, she dies on first reflect.

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