Got my first compass, who should I level first?

Greetings and salutations, I started playing E&P middle of February and have acquired about five 4* heroes and have been fortunate enough to snag my first 5*'s during the last Atlantis summons (Alberich and Frida). My question is as follows, I just received my first compass this morning after completing a rare nature chest challenge and will hopefully soon have enough other necessaries to make my first non-rare hero ascension. My primary 4*'s that I use regularly are Hansel, Rigard and Gormek. To which of the four should I use my first compass, or should I save it for one of the 5*'s? Thank you for your time and tempt not the fates.

They are all good heroes, but I would go for Rigard first. He will serve you very well in the long run


Three of them are almost equal. Its just down to your preference.
If you need a tank, Gormek fit the job. If you prefer a healer, Rigard is the answer. Otherwise, Hansel for mana control.
Kinda hard to give the best option without looking at your heroes line up though.

5 * can wait as they will take more resources and material to max out. 4 star are much faster to level up.

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Right! Rigard and Proteus are the only 4 stars that frequently reach the top 100 ranking worldwide.

Hands down, Rigard then Hansel. They are mainstays in every part of the game.


My current line-up is Hansel, Rigard, Gormek, Bane & Karil (later two fully leveled). The 5*'s are sitting in the sidelines until I can get them properly leveled.

I unfortunately dont have Hansel, so I cant comment on him (but I hear he’s awesome) :slight_smile:

I love Hansel, he has save my tuchas on numerous occasions.

Thank you all for your input, really appreciated.

Rigard all the way, you’ll need a solid healer like him to go far. He’ll make the game a lot more playable as you gather materials to get the rest of them ascended.

Rigard then Hansel. You have some great heroes already


Mother other two 4*s are Scarlet x 2, both received only recently and are still at the begining of ascension.

this is my advice for you, in the order of chances of getting AMs:

  1. gormek for titan defense down (+ tank defense)
  2. hansel for raids (+ titan)
  3. rigard for defense (+ war)


By looking at your line up, Rigard deserved it the most. And Hansel come a close 2nd. You gonna use Rigard all the way to top diamond arena.
Probably add +5 emblem and here you got a hero which has a better d/h than a fully level 5 * Isarnia.