4 Star Heroes to Level Up

Hello! It has recently come to my attention that, due to the rarity of ascension items, it’s better to fully level a 4 star team before trying the same with a 5 star team. I’ve been putting a lot of my resources in to Isarnia, Gravemaker, and Joon, but I want to shift my focus to my 4 star heroes. In what order should I focus on leveling the heroes I have?

Gormek - 2/31
Since this is my only red 4 star, this one is pretty simple.

Rigard - 3/13
Sabina - 2/15
Tiburtus - 1/15
Im thinking Rigard first, and then Tiburtus.

Grimm - 2/23
Sonya - 1/1
I’m thinking Sonya here, since Grimm’s special is similar to Gormek’s.

Melendor - 2/50
Hansel - 2/9
Skittleskull - 1/8
Little John - 1/1
Kashhrek - 1/7
I like Hansel’s special, so I want to prioritize him. In my limited uses with Skittleskull and Little John, these two seem to be my lowest priority.

Gretel - 1/26
Hu Tao - 1/34
Chao - 1/26
Li Xiu - 1/27
Gretel, and then Chao?

My goal for my first team is to have heroes that can go through the story missions, quests, and monthly events without much trouble. Also, what should I do with duplicate 4 star heroes? Save them?


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You are spot on. Follow your gut. The only question is do you really need both Hansel and Gretel on your first team. I might just do Chao instead of Gretel.

Also, You will want to be hard on the lookout for an attack buffer (Boldtusk or Kiril) and Wu Kong. If you get Wu, he should immediately move to top of your list for yellow. Same for Boldtusk (but then you’d need to reprioritize either Grimm over Sonya or Tibs over Rigard).

Importantly, don’t waste any feeders and ham trying to even out training across multiple heroes of one color. Get one maxed (or to 3/60 if you don’t have the mats) and then move to the next. 1 Hero maxed is WAY more useful than 2-3 partially leveled heroes.


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