New player: help with who to level up

Hi all,

Been playing for just a month or so, but loving it. I had a few pretty good pulls recently so trying to figure out who I should focus on to level. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My level focus has been on:

Rigard: 3.58 (figure I’ll finish him to 3.60 and then I’ll have to wait to get the mats to ascend)
Caedmon: 2.46 (I was thinking I would go for him next until 3.60 also and same mats problem)
Shadereave: 3.1 (I was leveling him, but stopped to focus on Rigard)

As you can tell, early in I was leveling all players and not just focusing on one at a time, which is my strat now.

My recent pulls I got:

Everyone else I have are 3*s or below.

So my current thought is finish Rigard then Ceadmon until I have to wait for mats then switch to Hansel first and Boldtusk next. I haven’t seen great reviews on Zulag and since I have Rigard, I thought I would focus on one of the others.

But as I said, I’m so new at this, so would love the help.

Thanks everyone!

Hansel ASAP. He will help you everywhere in PVE.
Caedmon and Rigard is good too.
Shadereave’s is too special, Boldtusk is better as buffer (and heals too).

Ok, if you are in this game for the long run then you need to think of it as a marathon race rather than a sprint race.
It’s a game of patience…
So my advice would be to first focus on building 3 x 3* rainbow teams.
Then move to 3 or 4 x 4* rainbow teams.
Those teams will get you the mats to level your 5* later.
From your list of 4*, I would focus on:
After that come back into the forum to refresh


Absolutely agree with @JGE

And you should choose a rainbow set of heroes and level each with in color feeders only. You will gain +20% XP and the chances to increase the special skill are doubled.

How many 3* heroes do you have?

It will be easier to get few 3* to max and then focus on the 4*

IMHO your best heroes to focus are:

Purple: Rigard–> Then Sabina.
Green Caedmon–> Melendor–>Hansel
Red: Gormek–> Boldtusk–> Colen (Some people will say that boldtusk is more valuable but you already are working on some healers, some damage will be of use.

If you have gems I suggest you to buy some hero slots so you can stack feeders and use them in amounts of 10.

Thanks so much all! I will do that then and switch my focus to some of my 3* making a good rainbow team for them. I have Graymane at 3.24 and Bane at 3.6. I will gladly take that advice and finish them as I don’t even have a 4* blue or yellow anyway.

All other 3* I have are not leveled at all:

Gan Ju
Friar Tuck

As you can see, I have quite a few, just haven’t really focused on them at all as all focus has been on Rigard, Caedmon, and Shadereave.

And I didn’t think about using gems for more spots. I had been running out too. I’ll do that.

Greatly appreciate the advice!

I know that most of the high-end players advocate concentrating on one or two heroes and feeding them everything, and I think this is absolutely right when you’ve got one new shiny that you are dying to be able to use, but when you are building depth (i.e. early to mid-game), feeding one hero of each color, always on color, is not a bad move — you get a 20% XP bonus and double the chance of increasing the special as well.

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What costumes are you have?

I´d focus first on:

Purple: Tyrum then Baltazhar.
Yellow: Pixie then Melia.
Green: Belith then brienne.
Blue: Gunnar then Valen.
Red: Nashgar then Hawkmoon.

You will see soon that you can do some special events such as rare challenges, 2 stages of trials and some more.

Try to advance past province 15 in season 1 so you can start atlantis and benefit from the fest farm it will improve a lot your level ratio. Focus on getting some Training camps to 11.

Also browse the guide section, you will find a lot of useful info.

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Ok I really need to know if you have costumes for any of your heroes. But assuming it’s a no for your 3* I would focus on Balthazar and Tyrum, Gunner and Valen, Brienne and Belith, Hawkmoon and Nashgar, Pixie and Melia.
Good luck

Yep - no costumes. Your assumption of a “no” is correct. Ha. This has been really helpful. I’ll focus on those 3*s that you all mentioned. I may finish Rigard only because I only have 2 levels left and I just can’t help myself, but after that I will focus on those you all mentioned.

Thanks again all!!!


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