I finally have a compass. Help me decide who gets it

Ive waited months for a compass. Thanks to FarhoIme Pass I finally have ONE. Since I have 15 4* heroes at 3.60, theres a lot of different ways to go. I would really appreciate some experienced advice on what I should do now, since Lord knows when I’ll get the next compass. Here are shots of my defense team and all 3.60 4* heroes.

Thank you! I would not have made it this far without the advice and support of this community.


Your first step should be joining an alliance that kills 8*+ titans so you get more compasses


I recently switched Alliances for just that reason. The new one takes on 8* titans. So hopefully I see more of them soon! Thank you.


Lord, so many good choices you have… I do have a soft spot for Scarlett since she was one of my first two 4* heroes and I rode her for a long time, but I wouldn’t at this point (later, yes, she’s a good toon). Proteus and Wu Kong are both rock-solid, but I subscribe to the “when in doubt, pick something that can save your life” school of thought – so my recommendation would be Rigard, Boldtusk, or Kiril. Maybe Kiril wins the tiebreaker because I see you have his costume maxed already and Sabina already gets the purple healer role.

Absolutely not Skittles or HuTao, by the way.


You’ve got a lot of good heroes, all deserving compasses. But i’d give it to Rigard first. Max him, and then give him as many emblems as you can, the mana shield talent is worth it and he’ll keep your other heroes alive until you can get more compasses. Then, probably Proteus. He might be the most all around useful 4* in the game. But you should have no problem with the rare quests anymore if you stack three against the color of the final bosses, and take Rigard and Proteus, and some mana potions. Hope that helps.

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WU Kong or Proteus will help you in the map, quests, titans, and events.


Wu and Pro and then Boldtusk and Rigard


You have a healer, sniper, mana contorller and Tank. I’d do Wu for titan hits. Then probably Proteus or another healer BT/Rigard. After that maybe defense down like Gormek or Tiburtus. Great start!!


I want to say a red hero so you have a rainbow 4* team maxed. Gormek would fit well and give you a defense down, but boldtusk might be best. Yeah you have a healer already but you have boldtusk’s costume and then the next hero can be Proteus.

Wu Kong though would be great if he is dying fast in titans because that’s the best place to get more ascention materials.

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I’d say Proteus first because he’s a life saver as much as a healer is oftentimes… Rigard and Boldtusk would be my second choices. And I’d vote for putting Wu Kong on the back burner because you can keep him alive against titans with potions, and he isn’t going to help you anywhere else but there.

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I’m starting to think Kiril. Hear me out:

My tank is green, so flanking Kash with blues would be effective.
I have Kiril’s costume, which would be pretty solid for the defense team.
I know Kiril is a hero that is still relevant in the game when I’ll be leveling 5*s

I agree with calls for Proteus though. I love using him on the map/events!


Having Kiril’s costume is a great reason to choose him. I endorse it! :yellow_heart:

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Kiril was my favourite healer, before they added Rigard costume. :sweat_smile:

If a rainbow defence is important to you, I actually vote for BT. You have his costume, and if you can emblem him, he can revive, (plus heal + attack up), with fighter class.

BUT that’s just me. :sweat_smile: You do have two maxed healers already on defence.

Otherwise, it’s a toss up between Wu Kong + Proteus for me. I still use Wu Kong every day on titans, but Proteus is my go-to for mana control.


In my honest opinion you have a number of worthy contenders. So for each colour I would focus on:
Blue - Kiril for healing and Boril for Tank
Red - Boldtusk and max his costume. You will use him forever
Yellow - Wu Kong for your Titan team
Green - Little John
Purple - Proteus is a game changer and then so is Rigard if you get his costume ( he become a 5* healer)
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


I have been in quite the same situation as you are in now :slight_smile:

Imo, go for proteus, you will be able to save so many items for quests and events just because he is fully lvld (+emblems if possible, would stop at 18)

After that, go for wu kong, because you need survivability for him for titans, 3/60 wu kong def is meh

I think you should focus on offense first, defense second

2 reasons:

  1. Offense is important for quests, titans and events, and if you can achieve good scores there, you have a higher chance for non farmable AM

  2. Proteus (and wu) make your raiding team so much better… Proteus mana control is essential in many fights and wu’s special can win you fights, even if you are 400-600 team points behind the opponent

It doesn’t matter if you drop from platin to gold, if your offense is strong you will climb to platin, open the chest, drop back to gold, repeat

When your offense gets strong enough start working on guys like kiril and BT and rigard (cleanse is always welcome) , support healers, those guys will help at stacking and are a good help overall

This way has worked quite well for me, other ppl surely prefer another route, but I like my playstyle that way, off before def :slight_smile:

I’m raiding against 4k-4,2k guys with my 3,6-3,8k teams and I usually win (most of the time thanks to proteus)


4* titans are enough if you run a solo alliance. Speaking from personal experience. Multiple 3* unfarmables collected last 3 weeks.

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I think you’ve already got a good healer with Sabina. So I would go offensive. Proteus is wonderful, and by far the most important 4* hero for events. But you probably want to get a rainbow working, so I’d say a red is probably important. Which probably means Gormek or Scarlett. I got both of them relatively late, so have never really gotten a feel for how they “work”, when used at the proper level. (Both are all but completely benched in my roster, unless I need a 3rd red team.) Considering how long I leaned on Grimm, I’d almost say Gormek, though.


It seems to me that you need a red to complete your rainbow def team…and now you have just one compass! At this point it is looking like all is pointing towards your Gormek!

Proteus and Wu Kong are the 4* heroes most likely to kick your game up to the next level. So, I’d go for Wu Kong first, and then Proteus.

Boldtusk also is great for his heal and attack boost. Rigard also is good, but you already have a purple healer leveled up in Sabina. Eventually you will want to level up Rigard as well.

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