Got a Bunch of 4*'s Yesterday - What To Do?

I got a big pile of 4*'s yesterday, and my happy family has been disrupted again. I’m looking for some suggestions on team composition. I’d like to level one at a time if possible, at least for now, and I’d just started levelilng my first batch. Here’s what I have:

Sonya, Boril
Caedmon x2, Kashhrek
Li Xiu, Chao, Danzaburo
Gormek, Wilbur
A large * of 3*s

Here are some team compositions:

Titan: Sonya, Brienne, Rigard, Chao, Wilbur
Raid Defence: Sonya, Gormek, Kashhrek, Li Xiu, Rigard
Raid Attack: Li Xiu, Rigard, Boril, Gormek, Caedmon
Tough PvE: Chao, Gormek, Kashhrek, Boril, Rigard

Of course, this has me levelling up basically every 4* :frowning:. Any suggestions on team composition and levelling order would be appreciated.

My general advice is to level one of each color in parallel to capture the 20% experience bonus from matched-color training. I know this seems impossibly slow, but it’s the fastest way to get a team up to par.

Do,you have any 3* or 4* heroes that are already developed?


Yep. I’ve got Hawkmoon, Bane, Gunnar, Brienne and Tyrum either fully leveled up or close. I have most other 3 stars unleveled (but I never got Valen for some reason). Sonya, a Caedmon, and Gormek have each been ascended once. Otherwise, this new batch is just hot on the heels of my old batch.

I like the idea of doing one color at a time. I’m considering: Sonya, Caedmon, Rigard, Gormek and Li Xiu, but Kashhrek and Boril are also really tempting.

Red: Wilbur > Gormek. Wilbur doesn’t hit, but his skills are so good. Superb against titans, great in lots of other uses.

Green: Kashhrek then Caedmon. K is a great tank. You’ll outgrow him, but everyone needs a tank, for wars if nothing else.

Blue: Sonya then Boril. Sonya gives you a dispel, which is very valuable. She’s also very tanky on defense. Boril is a rock and can be decisive in war battles facing a couple of AoE attackers. I’m not a big fan of riposte, though; I’d rather have Grimm or Kiril to follow Sonya.

Yellow: I’ve had fun with Danzaburo on my alt account. Two of his three skills are really good. Chao is a more reliable hitter. Li Xiu is useful as a tank, but if you’re doing Kash, then I don’t see a need for both.

Purple: Rigard is the best 4* healer. Great draw.


Okay, thanks, Kerridoc. You’ve sold me on Kashhrek and Sonya. With Sonya, I don’t really need Caedmon too, and Kashhrek is such an awesome tank.

Maybe I just don’t get Wilbur. He’s obviously ridiculously awesome on titans. On other offense, though, wouldn’t spirit linking my enemies cause me real problems? Especially in raiding? I imagine myself powering up the entire other team before I manage to klll even one, and that can’t be good. But again, I’ve never used him.

Huh. I’d assumed Danzaburo was terrible. I was going to go with Li Xiu because she’s a solid 4 star, but I see your point about not needing two tanks with Kashhrek. I was thinking of her more as a way of draining mana to give me the mana lead in raids, and then putting her on flank with Rigard on defense, creating an unkillable nightmare.

Danzaburo would also be redundant with Wilbur on the defense buff. Maybe I’ll go with Danzaburo, but not ascend him to the final level, hoping for a Wu Kong or even a 5-star? Chao would give me a second fast attacker, but he’s got “C” across the board on the hero grading sheet, so I imagine he’s not actually very good.

Yeah, yellow 4* are a problem. Aside from Wu, Jackal and Gretel, the choices are not great.

On Wilbur, the key is that the link is paired with a big -defense debuff. You then shoot a strong sniper into the lowest-defense foe and get huge damage to everyone. Great way to turn a sniper into a powerful AoE and bypassing elemental shields (like Kashhrek) or riposte. You DO NEED to be careful about using Wilbur if the foe has a way of clearing or flipping the -defense, e.g. Rigard or Kiril. The link becomes a benefit to your foes without the -defense.


I think you just talked me out of Wilbur :slight_smile:. He’ll be a great second 4 star red, but I need something consistent for now. I can’t just lose everytime I run into a Kiril. Once I have a second red to swap in, Wilbur can become my main red, but for now Gormek makes more sense.

Yeah - yellows. Sigh. My main problem in raids right now is losing the mana race and getting smoked by a Colen or something. Li Xiu (or Chao) could help with that, so I’ll probably just run one of those. I could also just hold onto Bane and feed my yellow heroes to my other 4 stars until I get something better.

It’s funny how a great hero can throw things off. I got Kashhrek last. Before that, I was beaming about getting Li Xiu and Boril.

Rigard will help with those Colen types as well with his cleanse.

Personally I love Chao, he can take a few hits and his fast attack with mana reduction has proven a game changer for my team on many occasions.

Hey @Dannyboy, I agree with @Kerridoc that focusing on a rainbow composition so you can capture the 20% XP boost is the best way to go. Slower for individual Hero growth, but 20% faster for overall team growth. Here’s what I’d focus on for an solid generalist team: Sonya - Rigard - Kashrek - Wilbur - Chao

Rigard is arguably the top 4* healer in the game. I wish I had him. Level him to max and don’t look back. Sonya isn’t top tier, but between her and Boril I think the hit + dispel will be more impactful than Riposte. Kashrek is the best 4* tank in the game and will carry you far. Wilbur is one of the best 4*s for both Titans and Raids. He might seem underwhelming but essentially you can turn any sniper into a disgusting AOE attack by ensuring you target the weakest enemy while his ability is up. Against Titans, his spirit link and defense boost for your own team will help you survive longer. Smart players can play around Wilbur on defense, but it does rely on a good team composition and charged abilities. You can successfully run Wilbur on defense until you get more hidden blades for someone else. Wilbur will help your Titan hits, which is more important than guarding your raid trophies. Finally, Chao is a bit underrated IMO. He’s not top tier, but fast sniping + mana reduction is a great ability. I used him until I lucked into Gretel.

For your defense team, I’d position them as I have mentioned above: Sonya - Rigard - Kashrek - Wilbur - Chao . Sonya and Chao will be good on your corners since they have fast mana, and since the AI fires abilities left to right, having Sonya’s dispel off first will be nice. Kashrek is your tank so he should go in the middle. Wilbur and Rigard will be very annoying flanks to deal with, especially with Kashrek’s defense boost and Rigard/Wilbur’s general tankiness. I’d not be excited about facing that team composition if I saw you in my raid queue :slight_smile: Wilbur’s positioning is quite interesting, and I’m not sure my suggestion is 100% optimal. Generally you want Wilbur firing first so all of your other abilities will hit with the enemies defense being down. However only two of your Heroes will have offense abilities, and I still think it’s right to have your “Fast” mana Heroes on the corners. Your defense team won’t have a lot of punch, but you’ll also have people avoiding you just due to the annoying nature of a Rigard - Kashrek - Wilbur middle section.

PS: Caedmon is really good, and you could in theory level him and use Rigard or Wilbur as a tank. However I’d still do Kashrek first because he’ll be good for Alliance Wars, and you’ll get a lot of usefulness out of him on your defense team until you move on to a stronger tank. Prioritize Caedmon once you’re done with Kashrek :+1:


That’s an awesome analysis, @Parm. The only question I have is about Kashhrek on offense. Does he work on offense? I could see him acting as a kind of second healer, but he doesn’t reach my whole team. If not, it puts me in an awkward spot where I have a green hole in my offensive team.

Lots of love for Wilbur :). Sounds like I picked up a great hero.

Kashrek is pretty weak on offense, but that’s okay for now. Kashrek will still be good for keeping your points more defended during Alliance Wars. Once you finish Kashrek you can work on Caedmon and sub him in when you’re doing offensive raids. Rigard will be plenty of healing for offensive raids, so you can very easily take out Kashrek and add Caedmon for offense once you have them both done.

And yes, Wilbur is absolutely one of the best. If I could only have one Atlantis 4* it would be him any day of the week. Congrats on getting him! :slight_smile:

Hrmm… Well, I still have Brienne. She’ll synergize pretty well with Wilbur (assuming I can keep her alive). She can keep her spot in my attack roster for now. Thanks again!

+1 to Parm’s comments.

With regard to Wilbur, you’ll love him. The only time I ever wait to use him is a specific scenario: It’s very early in a match and everyone on both teams has pretty much full health, but I know a combo of my heroes (say Panther and sartana) are going to be able to take out a priority enemy on their own. Then I’ll take out that one hero and fire off Wilbur.