Lost in 4* theories

Hey all - I’m officially lost when it comes to building my defense team. Can you give me some suggestions?

For reference, I have been going with the following:

Caedmon, Boril, Boldtusk, Boril (again), Tiburtus

How would you work with what I have??

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Based on the heroes you have leveled, I’d go with Caedmon, Boldtusk, Boril, Tiburtus, Gormek for now.

If all of your heroes were maxed, I’d go with Caedmon, Tiburtus, Kashhrek, Grimm, Kelile.


Kashrek over Boldtusk if everyone was maxed? I would have leaned toward BT myself. I was curious why you went that direction? I’m still learning myself and always like hearing different reasons and theories.

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Kashhrek is really the best 4* tank, thanks to his large elemental defense against fire.

That makes stacking red against him precarious, and his healing helps make up for damage from a neutral stack that a smarter attacker will use.

If he’s not killed promptly by a good board, he can be quite troublesome.

Suggesting Caedmon as left wing on that team is meant to goad attackers into stacking red, either based on the tank color, or seeing two greens. A smart attacker won’t, and will stack green or yellow instead, but typically at that level of play a lot of players will be tricked and play right into Kashhrek’s strength by bringing multiple reds.

And in terms of left vs. right, as the AI fires specials from left to right, it ensures Caedmon’s dispel will fire before other hitters if they happen to be ready on the same turn. That’s useful in case the attacker happens to have a defense buff or Perfect Riposte active.

Tiburtus and Grimm as wings will have good likelihood of firing while an attacker futzes with Kashhrek, and putting Tiburtus left and Grimm right ensures that if both are ready to fire on the same turn, there’s more chance of Grimm hitting an already-debuffed target with his heavier hit and finishing them off.

For the right wing, I went with the only other fast sniper available, to increase likelihood of firing in a timely fashion from the corner.


Wow I like it. That’s a pretty good strategy. You’ve sold me on it.

-runs out and builds up his Kashrek


Boldie Tibs Kash Boril Hu

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Caedmon - Boril - Kashrek - Grimm - Skittle

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Given your options right now, I’d aim to get to:

Caedmon, Boril, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Tiburtus

4 of those are either maxed or close, and you only have to get one guy from somewhat low leveled up, and Kashhrek all day over Skittleskull as a green hero. I have found that Boldtusk & Kashhrek together work well. You’ve got the two healers who keep each other alive, which keeps everyone else alive. Boril’s riposte will kill lesser players who simply fail to deal with it properly, and you’ve got a pulverizer and a cleanser to annoy them further.

Realize that you are mainly trying to be annoying with defense, and winning more than you lose won’t happen once you get into serious competition, but you can gain cups on defense sometimes while sleeping with good teams.

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Too many passive heroes. Not enough damage done.

I would go with Caedmon, Tiburtus, Kashhrek, Grimm, Kelile

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Thanks for all of the replies! Time for me to get Kash and Grimm pumped up :+1:

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