Good Dilemmas (Ascension Help)

I’ve stopped spending a while back but have been pretty lucky with some recent summons and TCs. I’m trying to figure out who to ascend next for five stars after I finish up some other projects.

I have the mats to ascend two blue, one yellow, and two red 5*s. I’m close on another purple and halfway for another green (tonics are by far my worst).

I mostly do War and Raids and have the below 5*s at max level:

I have a lot of purple to decide from next. I’m finishing Victor to 3-70 tomorrow but have Kunchen and now Khiona to start working on next. I’m leaning Khiona as I have a lot of emblemed 4* healers but can’t decide which one I should max next. Having a purple rogue would be handy, a 5* healer is nice too but really keep hoping Ariel will show up someday. Also got some junk 5* who will never get fed (Thoth, Mok, and some Kage duplicates) unless tabards start falling from the sky.

For blue I can immediately level two of Magni, Isarnia, or Frida. I like Magni and Isarnia for more utility outside titans right now. I also have Richard and Thorne sitting unleveled.

Red I’m a bit weak for choices. I have Khagan, Azlar, and Anzogh partially leveled and Elena sitting at 1-1. Kind of leaning with Alzlar for now.

Yellow I could do either Joon or Onatel. Both have purpose but feel like Joon would be more immediately useful with Guin being maxed with emblems and jackal being +14 that duo could deal some major damage. Leonidis and G Owl are also at 1-1.

And green (which will be a while) I pulled Yunan with a token and was planning on leveling him but then Lianna popped out of a TC 20 and I feel like I should prioritize her next once I get more tonics to pair with Evelyn for massive damage potential.

Don’t rally want to get into too many specifics of my roster and over analyze the choices, so any general suggestions would be appreciated.

Frida & Magni.

Frida makes every blue better. Magni hits like a truck. Isarnia is isawesome but also a little squishy at slow.

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