Yet another Ascension Dilemma

Several dilemmas actually…

My maxed 5*s are as follows:

Bera+20, Seshat+20, Clarissa+19, Lepiota+9, Grimble+3, Myztero.

C Joon+20, Uraeus+20, Malosi+20, Poseidon+14, Bai+3

Telluria+20, Francine+19, Elkanen+9, C Horghall.

Vela+20, Ariel+19, Glenda+14, Misandra+10, Miki

Tyr+20, c Marjana+19, Baldur+19, JF+18, Noor+6, Elena.

And the dilemmas are:

Red: Ares vs 2nd C Marjana
C Marjana is the known commodity here - she would improve my war depth and help against green mythic titans. But I am intrigued by Ares, both for titans and in a second red team base around tile damage and probably including wilbur and falcon. I would like to hear from those in the know as to how good his crit bonus is - seems quite powerful even at 3-70. I have lots of paladin emblems (and happy to reset telluria too) but few spare rogue ones. 6 rings.

Yellow: Thor vs Norns vs Roostley
I thought I would definitely go with Thor but having experimented at 3-70 he seems less good than I expected. Because he cycles through his three hits (unlike ninjas) he is a disruptor in the first instance, who then goes onto be a quite devastating hitter. But in the disruptor role I prefer malosi or even bai yeong (plus jackal) as their debuffs are much more powerful. And later in the fight I prefer stone cold killers like c joon and uraeus. Conversely, I assumed norns would stay on the bench but now I see people have made use of her against the yellow mythic titan (I don’t have panther) and I find that and other innovative uses appealing. I have nothing against roostley but he doesn’t seem very interesting. I have some fighter emblems, few sorcerer and loads of paladin. Darts 4 (so this is not yet a decision I need to take)

Blue: Frosth vs Snow White
Again I thought this a no-brainer as frost’s potential synergies with bera, Glenda and Noor look great. But I have very few slow heroes, which is a bit limiting in rush wars/tourneys and I like the thought of SWs massive damage and synergy with wilbur. I wouldn’t have many emblems free for either. Scopes 9.

Green: Atomos
This one finally is a no-brainer as my greens suck and atomos will make a good replacement for elkanen in my green stack. I have plenty of emblems and 15 tonics so no problem there. However, I only have 2 tomes so the question here is whether I want to go ahead and ascend him now or wait on one of the above possibilities.

All advice gratefully received.

Ps - maybe i should add that, other than the PoV, I am now ftp so I am not anticipating getting any better options in the future.

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Hi, @Elianne

Go for 2nd Marj. She’s very good for war depth. I am close to maxing her now but I still have yet her costume. My Ares is relegated to my 2nd monored team for wars flanked with 2 GM’s, if we face unigreen tanks. I would love maxing 2 of her in order for me to upgrade from my 3 Falcons.

If I am in your shoes, I’d go to Thor. He is very fast. And unlike the ninjas where you need to get approx 15 tiles just to fully optimize them, the God of Thunder already attacks casts his specials twice possibly blinding and damaging 4 enemy heroes and this third mana charge is at full optimum.

Frosth is good if you have Glenda and Krampus, or other minion summoners. Snow White is a luxury hero if you already have at least 3 to 5 maxed iced legendary. Her special is so devastating if you know how and when to do it.

Atomos? I have mine stucked at 3/70 even if I have 22 unused tonics in my inventory. But if you don’t have any better option and you have abundant tonics, I guess he could be of some use.

In the end, the primary consideration of ascending heroes are the availability of emblems for those heroes.

Good luck.

  • Players who use ares like him ; depends if their reasons why stack up for what you want :thinking:

  • Norns hits hard and has unique utility. PVE she is super useful for boss stages. No use on defense, but very useful offensively,

  • frosth is too new for me to have any opinion… But Snow White hits hard and her utility is powerful even if niche.

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