Gobbler for Knights of Avalon's Lady of the Lake: who knew?

I had Gobbler in my stable unleveled & decided I didn’t need him (used him for training @#$). Who knew he’d be the perfect attacker for Lady of the Lake (especially stage 15 legendary)?

I have never seen that many minions like that from anybody, including Red Riding Hood.

Who here was wise (lucky) enough to have him fully leveled & used him in Knights of Avalon?

Post pics of Gobbler in battle against Lady of the Lake if you have them.


Yes :raised_hands:

Nope. Didn’t enter my mind. Interesting idea but his mid-scoop statline excludes him from my thinking.

Also, great first paragraph…and second paragraph :rofl:


Fixed 1st and 2nd paragraph. “There can be only one…!” :wink:


I already had him at 4.70 but the best cure for her is to stack 4 reds and Wu Kong!

If you were to bring Gobbler you should hope that her minions wouldn’t target him or to use mana potions on him.
If I had Buddy I could had tried a green team with Gobbler but I just went with Boldtusk, G. Falcon, Gormek, Scarlett and Wu Kong in the end.


I just put my Bombblers in my items and brought a stronger hero in Hobbler’s place.

This is who I used for stage 15, legendary:


Average age of that team is through the roof.

That being said, I prefer Lady of the Lake not firing at all, which is why I bring Proteus instead. That being said, I understand not everyone has him, so Gobbler might be useful in that case (though he is theoretically just as rare as Proteus).

Also Captain of Diamonds could have use against her… were he not blue.


I actually used a few blue heroes against the double red, triple boss stages. Valen 3*+1 and Grimm 4*+18.

But I do not think Captain of Diamonds worth it.

Rumor says Beta blue 5* Commodore Finley v0.1 would be worth bringing two, but they nerfed him several times in beta ( Thank you Devs ).


I can see Gobbler eating the minions up being useful since at that stage they have a lot of HP. So it may help that he can bypass them so you can focus all damage on the bosses.

However, I did not use him. His damage from his skill is actually quite bad despite his decent tile damage. I did try him in earlier stages (10-13 legendary) but even in those I found he was getting murdered by enemy slash attacks thanks to his horrible defense stat. I wouldn’t be surprised if he died to ~3 hits in the final 3 stages.


Best minion control is battle items. Minions generate, use bomb attack (or similar) Bye bye minions :slight_smile:


Found what DaveCozy said to be true as well. Gobbler is great vs minions, if he can stay alive. But frogs have pretty thin skin and he’s the first to be turned into crispy frog legs for enemies to munch on.


LOL yeah, that team is like sending an angry retirement community to attack the bosses

I would be nervous that Gobbler would never fire due to the swords unless you brought mana pots. Cool idea but I would find bombs or pure firepower more effective.


No matter what the event, my Gobler will stay at 3.60 forever, too squishy for my liking… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… he’s a very unfortunate hero with his stat spread.

I guess a saving grace he got when talents were introduced, was with the Druid class. It’s probably the best one he could’ve hoped for, given his big HP stat and decent attack stat benefit the thorn minion a lot.

But I’m not about to dump emblems on him, specially when green just has so many better candidates for those emblems. I’d be curious to eventually find out if he becomes more viable though, with a focus on Atk > HP

His defense it too low, he needs to be buffed or he’s useless.

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If Gobbler can hang in there and make it to the bosses then yes that is where he definitely shines. With LoTL he can have a full on course buffet with all the minions she can put out.

I read on here that someone put 20 emblems on him and it really didn’t do that much really!


Wait for Grimble in December. He will be a 5* minion eating tank. Pretty much everything Gobbler is not.


I used Proteus and never allowed the lady to spawn any minions.


@DaveCozy What class grid does he have?

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