Green hero question – Berden vs. Gobbler

I always thought that any leveled 4* would be better than a leveled 3*, but I am really starting to wonder if give Berden a bunch of defensive shields, would he be better than the horrifically ugly Frogger(aka the Gobbler)???

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He’s probably better for most purposes even without the shields…


In terms of durability, Berden will go down far quicker than Gobbler (much higher HP).

But because the game now offers more options to play with 3 stars beyond challenge events, the key thing here is how useful they are in their respective rarities and situations.

In that sense it’s more valuable to have Berden over Gobbler. IMO:

Berden excels at Rare tier tournaments and at challenge events. He is a solid sniper that provides great support, and a good addition to 3* teams. He’s not as great as Hisan is in terms of damage, but he’s still a fast hero with respectable damage for challenge events. The attack down can be immensely helpful to shut down targets like Ulmer and Gato, who have high attack stats, during raid tournaments.

Gobbler doesn’t really stand out much as a 4*. He does last longer than Berden and hits much harder, so that’s a good plus to have for green stacks. On the other hand, his durability still isn’t very impressive, and his ability is very niche. Even if you charge Gobbler, it’s often difficult to determine and time his special… again because of his durability. Usually when you need his special attack… you’re already in trouble, because the minion caster already summoned the minions. His durability does not help this conundrum.

For Avalon challenge event, these are my current green teams for rare and epic:

Brienne | Mnesseus | Berden | Mnesseus | Berden

Little John | Gadeirus | Melendor | Gobbler | Wu Kong

So while I would certainly have prefered another Little John (great tile damage), or Jack (best tile damage), Caedmon (fast sniper), or Skittleskull (bit lower tile damage than Gobbler, but better utility with atk-)… literally any other green hero besides Kashh lol… Gobbler was still helpful to me in clearing this quest purely for the tile damage.


A Berden with 4 shields would be a dang fortress :shield::bow_and_arrow::shield:

Edit. But seriously now, an emblemed Berden would be better than Gobbler imo. I wouldn’t go the defense route with Berden tho.

I think you can remove that “probably” lol I honestly don’t know what’s gobbler purpose in the game :thinking:


Titan damage stack…and 4* Atlantis gate ballast?

Oh, and something minion-related too.



gobler might be bad but at least he is one of the highest tile damage 4* green in the game, almost like lj. I would max him for titan in lack of a greens.

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I accidentally ascended him showing my bro the game and who I could ascend so now I have to try to make him useable but at 4/66 I’m still not impressed.

Yea … about that . He’s green … minions are Delilah, QOH, santy, buddy , and others that are NOT blue /ice . So sorry about that gobbler .

I will give him the nod on titan /damage but ability wise meh.

for last stage of grimmforrest, xmas, one mana potiont him and he will eat all minions and heal.

captain diamonds is a good counter for minions too.

anyway, berden cant be compared to a 4 star… he is a 3 star. period.

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“Defensive shields,” you know, the symbol next to the number that shows what his defense stat is? OP is proposing to emblem him up and go +def.


I think def route of the talent grid was meant by shields…

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i would use druid emblems on melendor… or a 5*



Yea I got both, and currently working on Blue diamond captain who is not very good either but better than Gobbles…

And LH is a classic 4* hero who is still better an Gobbly , but G is still pretty darn strong for a weird looking hero… But just so fragile…


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