Next nature 4* for wars

Hello as I noticed blue tanks in wars happen quite often, I want to make a new green project. My currently maxed greens are Telly+14, Lady Locke+10, Brynhild+19, cCaed+9, cMel, Almur, Hansel and Little John.

I plan to get Lady of the Lake to 3/70 (not enough tonics) and then I want to max another green 4*. The problem is my candidates are nothing to write home about. I can pick between cKasshrek, Gadeirus, Gobbler and cSkittleskull. Kash’s costume is nice but Kash would be quite useless to me outside of wars and Gobbler could be good for new undead horde mode and minion meta but still, he doesn’t excite me at all, ditto for the rest of those heroes. So who should I level, if only for the war depth?

  • Costume Kasshrek
  • Gobbler
  • Gadeirus
  • Costume Skittleskull

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I would consider c-Skittleskull. Even if he dies first his A value is high to maintain tile damage. His costume provides you a hitter in an emblem trial that can be lacking for those. If he does fire dropping the enemy A isn’t a bad thing.

Good luck and great 5’s!


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Either cSkittles or Gobbler imo.

Skittles for the reasons above – she has high tile damage and good skill power.

Gobbler is actually more durable than Hansel ever since the buff he got, though his skill is still very niche but it will be helpful in the undead horde war rule.


No love for gadeirus?

Ok, he is the only one of the above mentioned I have maxed and emblembed. But he gets quite some use in war and against blue Titan (pushing the atk of my 2 high atk heroes further)

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