Glenda or Krampus, who do you level

I’ve read a lot of hate on Krampus and a lot of love for Glenda but I see Krampus as a tank or flanker on a handful of top 50 defenses and Glenda on none. Glenda is good on mono attack especially next to KA and Vela (that’s who I have) What do you guys think of both for attack and defense? I don’t care about the titan.

Glenda better for attacking??
Krampus better for defense??

Who would you level out of the two?

I searched and haven’t found this question yet.

I’m lucky to have both and I like Krampus more, he is amazing in offence and pretty good in defence as a tank, Glenda is usefull but not as much as Krampus

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I have Glenda and she is awesome.

But you can’t understimate the power of taunt heroes for offense.

Read taunt like:
Makes your other heros immune to special damage.

This welltimed on offense will be gamechanging.

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Krampus. Have you played against Krampus’ taunt yet? It is as annoying and hard to beat as BK’s one and all allies get a minion.

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I hear what you’re saying, I’m trying to figure out the hate for Kramp. A lot of people have him as a B but BK as an A+

I just finished to level krampus. I dont use him in my defense but in attack he is so cool. He is now in my team for red titan too and improve my perf

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You like him more on your offense then Glenda?

I don’t know… maybe because Krampus doesn’t have an increasing attacking buff but a static one. :man_shrugging: It could also be because there are alot of really good blue 5s but not as many red 5s.

I haven’t had nearly the difficulty with Krampus as I often do with BK.

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Is it because BK is better or you green heroes are?

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Yeah. You have confused hate for Krampus with BK fanboys.

Because @Zathrus can’t put together any blue heroes with dispel, high damage, def down and element def down. Which is strange. Because that pretty much all blue heroes :rofl:

I think Krampus will serve you better offensively for all situations by providing a strong offense and giving you cover.

But keep Glenda in hot pursuit! She is also good.

And don’t be deceived by fanboys. There is too much ice damage to care about BK in the slightest


I feel BK is better. My blues are better than my greens IMO (Ariel +19/Vela+20/Alice+0 vs Tell+20/Tarlak +8/Atomos +10). I’ve taken Sonya in at times instead of Alice, but my success is much higher with Alice.

While there’s been discussion that the flesh wound vs defense up would be about equal, the reality is they’re not. Reducing 50% of hits to 1 is super powerful, especially since the ones that aren’t reduced still go against defense.

The net is that BK takes 35-40% of the damage while Krampus is probably in the 45-50% range. It’s lopsided because BK reducing a big hit (like a sniper) has far more impact, and flesh wound works against DOTs, while defense up doesn’t.


I had to let emblems decide for me. I need a good Wizard. So Glenda got my precedent.
While my sorcerers are waiting in line!

If you have a stock pile of Sorcery or Wizard. Then you can move in a direction that will help your war flags by developing your 5* emblems

Another consideration, is how much you get out of those emblems…offensively!
Krampus skill, like BK, doesn’t change with emblems.
Their skill does the same job, without emblems.

Glenda on the other hand, doesn’t have a protective skill and her skill does damage so…emblems, in my opinion, will have greater value for her.

Unless your dead set on having taunt in your defense. In which case you want to load that taunter up.


I decided on Krampus. There’s 516 emblems for him and Glenda would have to share JF +7 and Sartana +10


These are my current blue mono attack teams. My first team already has two non attackers. If I add Kramps it would be three. My attack team might be better with Glenda

Out of this set i would choose this mono team.

Ariel, Vela, Magni, Lepus, Krampus

You need some snipers, since you have ariel it negates the need for another cleanser. infact İ would look to add another defense down hero to the mix like isarnia. if you get costume magni would be great fit as well.

Not seeing much value in aegir, i would rather have a damage dealer ready to shoot.

I would take Glenda over Mag or Lepus. My plan is
Ariel, Kramps, Vela, Glenda, King. Glenda attacks and boost the special, Kramps increase attack, King attacks and def down, Ariel is a great healer/cleanse and Vela attacks and def attack down, critical boost.

I was going to ascend Glenda for more attack but decided to go with Kramps and replace Aegir

Why? Fast def down with Lepus is so amazing) I have Magni+Lepus as go-to pair and they can finish almost all heroes in one strike (even if they are +20).

I did both as they both work wonders for what they do. But i did Krampus 1st to replace Telli as tank. Seems like a 50/50 ratio for def.

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