Looking for advice on how I should be building my blue team

Hi All,

I am looking for advice on how I should be focusing on my blue team build.

I currently have leveled:
Kiril, Vela, Magni, Thorne, Miki.

5* unleveled:
Krampus, Skadi, Richard, Glenda

Any help on what I should be aiming or or focusing on would be appreciated.


If you NEED a tank, Krampus is probably the one to do.

If you DON’T NEED a tank, I would vote for skadi. She is an absolute MONSTER to use in attack & can be quite devastating on defence too (flank). Her stacks deal wicked amounts of frost damage & the mana slow is crippling if you get it going.


Thanks for the advice. I’m stuck a bit it the middle where for my defense team, I don’t NEED a tank. I have Tell and BK, but when I do my mono-blue attacks or when my alliance goes blue tanks for wars, that’s when I would maybe need a tank?

I think I’ll go with Skadi for now. With all the Tell and minions out there, I think she’ll be more versatile


You already have two quality tanks there so I agree that you’d don’t really need another tank generally.

Richard can service pretty well as tank if your alliance does switch to blue tanks & you haven’t maxed Krampus yet.

Both Skadi and Krampus are the glaring best choices. Krampus is good on offense and a top 5 tank. Skadi isn’t the best on defense but has a minions killing skill and stack abaility that is like no other hero. You’re call pal, those will both boost your game.

I have Skadi at 4/51 and Krampus 4/80 +12. Working hard to level Skadi up, and am wanting to test them together. Apparently Skadi’s attack needs emblems for her to kill minions in one hit (pretty much essential for her to work properly). They are both average speed, so specials should fire together. I’m hoping I’m right, in that Krampus’ special would increase Skadi’s attack by 50% which should devastate minions… watch this space!

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