Glenda or Krampus, who do you level

I use Bera as my war and raid tank. She does well.

Glenda increases special attack, Master L drops his own defense not the enemy’s and Mag dies too easy.

I think you have’t seen a maxed magni with emblems yet. His special gives him 63% def up defense is >> 1000 and you understimate the value of mana speed and hitting power. The team you want to do will be barely able to kill a hero with a full round of mana (all average speed except vela) . While magni and lepus will kill a hero before the average speed heros are even charged.

Magni+Costume drops enemy defence, and Lepus just destroys everyone.
Glenda is average.

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I have no issue killing top 100 teams with that set up. I need more fire power to win if Glenda and KA die it’s hard to win and takes forever. Vela doesn’t do enough damage without Glenda’s boost.
I don’t have Mag’s costume and I’ve never had an issue killing him without it. Ascending Glenda would keep her alive longer obviously.

But you have Magni’s costume, as you show on screen. So I advices you to level up faster heroes, for example, Magni-C. And on screen you show ascended Krampus. (both in Blue 2 team)

You will be doing more damage by using an attack boost like Kiril that Glenda ability.


Congrats on ascending Krampus, no wrong choice… you have all great heroes.

IMO, next step plan I would ascend in order: Magni.C, Lepus, Arthur, then Glenda.
Kiril.CB with mana lvl 5 is great additional hero in team.
Grimm+19 (mana node) with mana level 17 is better.
Or waiting Grimm costume with mana lvl 5.

I think after january costume chamber… we will see big different specially for red tank, because of Grimm.CB.

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Crap. I must of pulled his costume last time. Yea with his costume I’d level him.

That’s all my ice

Honest from looking at those ones I’d say Costumed Magni is the best choice, you have Aegir & Ariel so surviving is a issue you need fire power and def down next I’d go Lepus then Krampus.

Krampus already ascended…

Thanks missed that in photo. So C. Magni would be my vote.

I ascended Kramps but I meant to do Glenda. I didn’t even realize I had a costume for Mag or I would of ascended him. I have a habit of playing after drinking all night lol

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