Frosth or Crystalis? and other Ascension questions

Hey there,

this is my roster:

sitting on 7 scopes for a while and couldn’t decide yet who to level. I also got Fenrir, Isarnia and Richard unleveled in blue. As I have already Freya (waiting for one AM), Krampus and Telly, I lean towards Frosth to support my minion team. Even though I think Crystalis is overall slightly better.

I also have a set of AMs to ascend a yellow hero and Joon and Leo sitting at 3/70. Still didn’t pull Leo’s costume so I think I will give Joon the mats - he could also get some emblems. But I also have an unleveled Guinevere, Justice and Norns.

Purple I am going to ascend Freya soon. Other options would be Malicna. And last week HA10 gave me Boss Wolf. He would do well in fast wars and tournaments but I don’t really think that makes him worth to get priority. I also have a maxed Alfrike so…

Crystalis then Glenda would be my choice on who you have for blues, yellows Id hold off or do Joon, and Purples I’d do freya. You have Alfrike no need for boss.

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Thanks! I already have one Glenda maxed, forgot to update that on HP. Do you have Crystalis maxed?

Hi, I have Crystalis maxed. She’s like a Vela 2.0 : better attack (>900 at +20), more damages, but a little bit more squishy if you go full attack path. I currently use her in my mono stack and in my defensive team, with pretty good results.

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No I have Vela and as stated above they both perform similarly by Crystalis have the buff turn reduction by one, a reason why i maxed the dark lord. Those undespellables seem a little easier to move around with that.

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