Getting robbed blind overnight - 100+ cups

Hey all - I’ve asked before but my team has changed dramatically since the last question. How would you set your defense with this team? Also - who would you finish level-up first (or a few in order). I’m completing Elena right now and then will move on to your suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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What’s your current defence lineup/order?

Your current 5* hero’s are useful but not necessarily defensive… (A compliment - you want hero’s that help in attack and events, defence should definitely be an afterthought).
So I can easily see how you’re gaining 100+ trophies on attack that you can’t build a defence to hold - no robbing blind required.

You don’t really have a worthy 5* tank right now - Vivica’s costume would be your best bet to develop one… And she’ll play great all-round for you too, so that’s one to work on.

Elena being done soon doesn’t affect defence much, she’s very flimsy. And she’s ideally a flank if anything, but you already have two hero’s that are much better flanks.

Right now…
Kadilen and Vela both want to be flanks and Joon wants to be a wing, so we’re going well so far.
Obakan is very flimsy but could potentially wing, not ideal by any means but passable for now.
That leaves tank… Redhood is not it and BT can tank fairly well with plenty of emblems for revivals.

Obakan - Kadilen - BT - Vela - Joon

Going forward…
Vivica costume is going to be a better tank, but you then can’t have Joon in the defence.
Could really do with a red sniper wing then. Kelile will work okay with all those emblems… Marjana would obviously be more effective but you don’t have her yet.

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Agree with BubblesUK.

I would also throw in to finish your 4* heroes like Proteus, Triton and Sabina and give them some emblems.

Further I would lvl up Rigard, Wilbur, Kiril, Merlin, Boldtusk. I know many healers but all very valuable. They will give you many options for all tasks you are facing in the game.

Edit: you already have a max emblembed Boldy, forget about him.


I’d just add that losing 100 cups overnight is really no problem and just shows you’re doing well with your own raid attacks :blush:


Try losing almost 300 cups in a 5 minute span…


Getting to 2800 you need a damned good defence to not drop 2-300 cups quick!


This is true lol…


Oh my goodness - that’s hard to watch!!

Do you use Kadilen? Just curious as she seems like the most flimsy 5* hero that I have…

Thank you for the knowledge!! I appreciate the well thought out reply!!

I’m waiting for one more poison dart to get Vivica’s non-costume ready but will start working on the costume today as well.

Again - thanks!

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I don’t understand why people don’t like kadilen. I don’t have her but I hate going up against her and her damned special skill protection.
Normally you can kill a hero with one or two snipers, but when her buff is active I can’t kill a single hero with 3 snipers. She has good use in defense, in my opinion

Thanks for the knowledge!

On defence, she can really protect you from special skills… Yes it can be dispelled by the attacker, but only if they brought one, and only when it’s ready.

She’s a useful flank.
There are better, but she works well.

From what you have, I’d run her flank.


Within an hours time span I lost 444 cups last night lol.

Freya sucks at flank.


I haven’t got mine past 3.70 yet (tabards holding her there for now)…

In attack she seems to really need attacking summoners to become anything special - Telluria’s minions alone don’t pack the punch to become nasty even with that boost.

With Puss in the team as well she becomes much, much more interesting to me.

I would also suggest to give a try to the feared green tank-vela combo with the maxed 5* roster you have, e.g. Joon-Red-Kadilen-Vela-Obakan.

I know Kadilen is best at flank, but since you do not have a clear tank yet, with the usual level of players that raid you this may possibly work for the time being.

One more question (same team shown above): Elkanen is my only 5* Nature and I’m a F2P guy. Is he worth the Tonics?

It depends… Lianna and Kadilen are significantly better from TC20, but he’s not totally useless either.

How many tonics do you have?

9+? I’d do it.
Just the 6? Wait and see if your TC spits out Lianna first.


I understand completely but this is a game you will be attacked that is the nature of the game, this game has multilayer dynamics when it comes to strategy and pure luck, everyone is trying to be number one in this game so if you don’t like it take a deep breath and say to yourself “I have to accept that I am a good player and someone will always attack me cause I work hard and they want to prove they work harder by beating me and I will continue to play and do my best.”

dang - I didn’t realize that Lianna was possible in TC20. I’ll wait then!

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