Gefjon or Asterius?

Hi, which one is better? :slight_smile:

I have Marjana and GM max, i have 12 rings

Both ale worth ascending? Which one First?


gefjon for me, she’s a beast everywhere

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I’d agree with Gefjon…fast and hits like a truck. Asterius is good but having GM maxed makes him less of a priority

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Gotta go Gefjon! :wink:

I would suggest Asterius.

You already have Marjana ascended so another sniper wouldnt add depth to your roster even though Gefjon is upgrade.

On other hand, asterius brings def down to 3 which goes nicely with 3 hit Gravemaker, and minotaur can tank while other two options cant effectively

Go for Asterius. He deals more total damage than Gefjon.