Please help.Vanda or Gefjon

I have 7 rings and i am very confused about who to level.both are at 3.70 right now.My other 5 fully leveled red are: marjana,jean francois,costumed Azlar,Red hood,Elena

@Guvnor i just saw there are similar threads.feel free to delete this.sorry

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Vanda great offense protector very fast. Very shine in AW Field-Aid, but it is likely already removed with new war rotation.

Gefjon for offense and defense also great. You already have Marjana, but I think and upgrade and also fast sniper is not bad choice IMO.

And Vanda 3.70 at very fast can do it at least once.

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Yes thank u for the reply.i already ascended gefjon i saw reviews in similar threads.i ll leave vanda at 3.70 for now and i ll ascend her next.thankss

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