Which dark hero should I upgrade next

So, my Dark team is pretty solid and I just finished leveling Fura. Which one should I focus on next?

  • Ameonna
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Boomer
  • Merlin

Or should I spend the energy leveling up a second Clarissa (1st one is already at lvl 80).


Merlin is good Mana controller… it is not as good as Proteus.
Ceshire Cat is great fast DoT, I’m starting to like him in turnament bloody battle rules with Gafar. There are very rare 4* purple fast hitter so far…

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If you do not have a defense down, do Cheshire Cat first, than Merlin. Merlin is good but squishy. Just depends what you need. The other two i would skip. Boomer is really only good for very fast 4star tournaments…

Based on what you’ve provided, Merlin would be my next choice. I’ve always like him!

I do not have a dark defense down, but I use Santa for that.

My other darks are: Seshat, Clarissa, Obakan, Rigard (costume), Tibertus (costume), Aeron, Sabina, Stonecleave & of course Fura.

You do have a dark defense down…Tiburtus.

Go with Merlin. He’s better than the cat.

In my honest opinion, given what you have said about your other dark heroes on max, I would think about what you want to achieve with the 4* heroes you have listed.
I have all four and personally never use them in war and or raids.
These 4* do get some use in the raid tournaments but that’s it.
So - if you are looking to increase your war roster, I personally would go with a duplicate Clarissa if you have the mats to take her to max


Goes to show you. I rarely use Tibertus unless it is in wars. Thanks for the advice.

As you already have tibs for def down i would do Merlin. Its a mana controler and if im not wrong the only dark that does it(the mind attack thing) though proteus and hel mana control better sure but well merlin is unique and more like hansel or zocc style

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Cheshire lowers the defense of Holy (and holy titans) and stacks with the other defense down. For that alone you need the Cat for Yellow titans. Merlin is next, I wouldn’t think of levelling the other 2.

CORRECTION: CC doesn’t stack with other DEf Down, just Guardian Panther.

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It doesn’t stack with the normal defense down…


Cheshire does not stack with Tiburtus. It would only stack with Guardian Panther.

However, Cheshire does lower the defense of holy heroes more than Tiburtus does, 44% to 34%. And Cheshire is fast to Tiburtus being average.

Edit - As I posted earlier though, I’d still do Merlin first.

Thanks for the correction from both you and RDuke. Don’t have Cat but I’ll keep that in mind if I get lucky the challenge event.

Another vote for Merlin and then Clarissa if no other darks spark your interest

Damage :wink:


Yep, that’s all she’s got…tile damage. For me she was my biggest waste for ascending.

She saved me so many times In ghost raid or war always have a laugh when say joon hits her.
Yeah she does damage alot of it don’t regret maxing or emblems great on titans.

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And after all of this, my answer was just made for me. On my first draw, I got Jabberwock. So, guess which dark will be focused on.


Lol…yeah, I think you are set. Go Jabber, Go!

Damn, I’m going to ask for advice before the draw next time! Congrats!!

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