G Falcon...Is he still relevant and worthy of emblems?

So here is my Falcon below, but I’m having emblem issues with Paladins…does anyone still use their Falcon and does he need to be emblemed to +20? Every time I say I use him in a red stack everyone says Wilbur is better take Falcon out…

Of course he is relevant, he is the only red elemental debuffer in the game. He is a monster against titans and in events.

For best results, you should bring both Wilbur and Falcon.


Wilbur + Falcon plus an AOE red hitter (Azlar or Kong or Colen) = dead and/or dying enemy heroes.

In my honest opinion, yes he is still 100% relevant. And yes you should try and give him emblems but the competition for those is quite stiff …
And put him in a trio stack with Wilbur and another Heavy hitter and you are onto a winner

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Yes Falcon is still relevant. IMHO. I rarely use Wilbur and almost always have Falcon on my red team.

I would recommend not listening to whoever tells you this. Regular defense debuff (i.e. Wilbur) and elemental defense debuff (i.e Falcon) stack, so you want to use both.


Falcon is more relevant than ever IMO because of the advance of Telluria tanks, i use him daily against Telly with great success.

I still plan to use him, but I’m wondering if I can remove the emblems and use him since the competition for them is so stiff

I have not had a strong decrease in my titan performance vs 14* titans since removing the 20 emblems from Falcon. 14* killed my +20 gravemaker in 1 shot (I couldn’t believe it). I am moving my talents to Clarissa.

Do what you need. But I think Falcon (while useful) doesn’t need 20 talents.


Thanks @PeachyKeen, I realized I worded the post wrong (sorry guys) but this is what I was trying to figure out if he would be useful sans emblems.

So here is where I stand. I used to be one of those with a +20 Falcon, mainly for the reason that for a long time, the options for Paladins were very limited. Frida was the only Paladin I used frequently for titans and war hits pre-telluria, so she got about +12. Falcon had +20 because he saw a lot of use with titans and also for Epic events.

Then Telluria dropped (as did Clarissa and Heimdall) all within the space of a month. If you want to play in one of the top 100, you need as many emblems on Telly as possible. Up to +20 if you can. Which means like many, I sacrificed Falcon. Does it hurt? Yes, slightly. Falcon had naturally high defense and with emblems he could take a beating even from 14* titans. But in terms of overall damage to green titans, well it really hasn’t made much of a dent.


I’ve kept Falcon+19 even though lately haven’t been using in wars. But he’s available and still great for titans and tournaments.

I’m in a top 200 alliance and my defense is usually not targeted for farming during wars.

Overall, I’ve been averaging 1.3-1.5 flags to be killed by top players.
My Tell is only +18, sure it’d be great to get to +19 for the 2% mana buff. I’m 10 emblems away so soon.

Honestly I don’t think it matters too much whether Tell is +16 or higher. At that point, the board will be good or she’ll fire and it’ll be an uphill battle.

Your troops and the other heroes will be more of a factor.

Example, would you face Tell+20 with marjana and magni or GTV where tell is +16?


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