Fully maxed hero as a food

Have you ever feed fully maxed 4* hero?

I’ve fed a number of 3x60 4* heroes, but never a fully leveled one.

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I’m there too, I have crazy luck with my pulls and have a lot of 5* duplicates that take up a lot of roster space it’s forced me to only keep one of each 4*.

I’m very anxious to get this Hero Academy up and running so I can get rid of a lot of these duplicate 5* heroes that are taking up all my roster space.

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My decision to feed them had less to do with 5* roster space, and more to do with having a severe over-abundance of 4*! At the time I fed them all away, I was sitting around 15 maxed 5’s and 35-40 maxed 4’s. I had like another 15-20 more 4* sitting at 3x60. I kept a few of them, like dupe Rigards and stuff, but fed most of them away. I currently only have 5 4* sitting at 3x60.

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Wow, must be nice! Enjoy it, most of us don’t have that kind of luck! I get a lot of duplicates, and I can see getting tired of holding onto all of them. Just because 4s are rare ish for me. So now I’m supposed to wait for the hero academy? Ok, I’ll try!

Currently, it is a trend

(Power leveling Aife)

(Fare thee well @KlinMayhem... Farewell)


No 4* yet. That “yet” has my duplicate Wu Kong’s name on it, in a big bold signature.

Have done 3*, though


Not yet… but Capt of Diamonds and Danzaburo are on my short list. I just never use them anymore, for anything. I have better options for pretty much any attack, even deep war attacks, and I have better options for any tournament.

Like others, I’ve fed away some 4* at 3-60… the three that spring to mind are Skittleskull, Gormek, and Wu Kong. Skittles didn’t compare favorably to Little John (who I now have three of); Gormek lost his spot thanks to Wilbur being functionally superior; and while I do still have one maxed Wu Kong, I decided the second one wasn’t needed after he sat at 3-60 for a while.

Good gaming!

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Fully leveled, no… not yet anyway…

I type as I glare at my second 4/70 Chao, wondering if there is any way I can get a partial refund on the ascension mats I gave him

3/60? Yes, sadly. That I have done.


Nope. Never fed any hero that I began leveling except maybe Layla… and needler. Gosh, that seems like a lifetime ago.

It occurs to me, that I don’t quite know WHY you are asking. Are you trying to figure out if it is a good idea?

Feeding a maxed 4* hero gives more experience than feeding a 4* hero at level 1.

And if you’re not using the hero anyway…

I recently fed away a few triplicates / 3rd copies (though the highest-level one was a 4* in 2nd ascension), I realized I wasn’t going to use them anyway. Most of them were of season 1 4*s whose costumes have not been released yet. I figure I can always get another copy of the base hero if I pull the costume, whenever that is.

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The maxed ones definitely give more experience, but not nearly as much experience as you invested into them in the first place. I did cringe a bit when I fed mine away. But, I knew I probably wouldn’t end up using them in the long run, so… it had to be done.

That being said, would I recommend leveling up a hero knowing full well that you’re going to feed it away later? Nope, absolutely not. I only leveled them because at the time, I thought I might need them later.


yeah, completely agree. I fed my triplicates away because I was getting desperate for roster space… and I have to add, the highest-level one I fed away was a 4* in 2nd ascension. Did feed away a few fully-leveled 3*s, though.

And I’m already being charged 100 gems for 5 hero slots… that’s expensive for me as I don’t have VIP :slight_smile:

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Ah, yikes! You hit the 100 gem mark.

I can’t remember if I’m there yet or not. Trying to only keep 1 copy of each hero, 2 if I have the costume, while also keeping enough slots open to pick up most of my TC feeders all at one time.

50 gems for 5 extra hero slots is worth it IMO, even if you’re 100% FTP. Once you get up in the 100+ gem range though… that’s when you have to start asking yourself, “do I really need all of these heroes, or should I ditch some?”

I’m at level 31, 3/4 of the way to level 32, and a day or two ago I got my very first 5*, Elena, off the costume summon. I’m not spending any $ on the game.

Never have leveled a full maxed hero
My 3* purple is quite mental haha

Haha…ehh…100 gem mark…

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Yep, I fed maxed Gadeirus to MN and maxed Kelile to Santa… Not because i have the duplicates, i just love the thrill. In fact, i fed several other 4s to my 5s. Call me nuts :crazy_face:

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