Feeding 4* Duplicates

So I have excessive duplicate 4 star heroes that I want to feed. I’ve read a few threads about ways to feed and I also learned from experience that feeding heroes prematurely or wrong can be expensive, wasteful and cause your heroes to ascend without their skill maxing or it maxing way later due to too much power in the feed on the front end (i.e. trainer heroes)

So I have some 4 and 5 star heroes that are on 3rd and final ascensions and it takes a while to max especially the 5 star heroes. These particular heroes all have their special skill maxed already they just need to max (i.e Joon 3/5, Isarnia 3/61, Seshat 3/22, Lianna 3/1 and Bold 4/40, Cyprian 4/40, Xi Liu 4/58, Grimm 4/32, Caedmon 4/38).

On the flip I have plenty 4 and 5 star heroes not yet leveled or early on in leveling and specials not maxed, and are going to be leveled once the current batch reach their max (i.e. Misandra 1/13, Marjana 1/1, Drake 1/1, Sartana 1/1, Vivica 1/33 and Kiril 2/23, Wilbur 3/38, Hansel 3/36, Sonya 2/40, Jackal 1/8, Rigard 1/1, Proteus 2/24) .

So who should I feed the excess 4 stars to, the heroes that are maxed but have a ways to go to max their power, or to the unleveled 4/5 stars that it would boost them much higher since its early in the game?

What I mean by excessive is, for example I have 4 Sabinas and 5 Melendors…I dont need that many of either, 3 Chaos and I barely use him so outside of 1 maybe 2 I won’t need any beyond that plus I’m not leveling the one any time soon, 4 Wu Kong and I don’t need that many because I also have Ranvir, etc. So yes I could stand to feed a couple of dupes, my roster is full (150 cap) I can’t even collect my TC heroes.

Please advise.

I’d use them on the near max heroes as they are the ones you need to max for full effectiveness, the sooner the better.

The old thought on avoiding feeding 3* and 4* before the hero is 8/8 was valid, but now that you can get a hero to 8/8 easily after they are maxed, that concern isn’t really worth planning around.


I would typically wait until your 4 and 5 star heroes start hitting the threshold where one star and two stars will not be making dents in the xp bar. That is when you start feeding excessive 3 stars and 4 stars.


That makes perfect sense, and that is what is happening with my 4/50 and above 4* especially with the 1* it is annoying lol. So that’s good then and exactly what I will do

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@LadyAchilles What is a nice alternative to save on food for the feeder generating is to save up the two stars for the ones that are tier 4-50+. That is what I had to do with Proteus and Grimm to get them maxed.

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Wondering how feeding 2* later saves food. Don’t they all give a set amount of xp no matter when you use them? If I feed twenty 2* first and then twenty 1* later, isn’t that going to give the same xp as if I fed the 1* first and 2* later?

If you feed ten 1 stars or ten 2 star heroes, it costs the same food. 2 star heroes gives 3 times more XP to a hero. So it costs less food overall to feed 2 star heroes.

I know 2* gives more do than 1*. I just don’t see the purpose of saving the 2* for later.

@Orichalcum-Aife it is more the xp to food ratio because the way I run my training camps if I need a specific hero to be max level asap, I run 3 of the camps that train a specific color. Granted I run out of backpacks and swords quick with this method but I tend to be very impatient. Especially when it is a hero that I have been waiting on for a while and I want to use him or her asap.

This is evident with Proteus and Cyprian. As I have been on color power leveling the ever living daylights out of them. I imagine once i get Boril and Kiril I am gonna do the same thing. I still have to max out Chao and Sumitomo but I will get there soon as I get the more important heroes out of the way.

3* / 4* ascension items

Personally, I feed same color, 1x hero at a time ( only 1* / 2* ), until special skill is 8/8. Then same color 1-10 heroes at a time ( 1* to 4* heroes and 1* to 4* Trainer heroes).

This increases the chance of a hero stuck without 3* / 4* ascension items will still be 8/8 special skill.

Saving food

It is to save food.


Because you have limited hero slots, it saves very little food in the end ( see notes).

Unlucky 3*

@Rook had a Gunnar 3/8 3* 3.50. With the new system you might save same color 2* since they are +20% skill roll when used on a 3* 3.50 that still is not 8/8.


Click for notes

Some info early on in the thread is outdated, but math is still good

Power leveling



IMO , sit on the 4* duplicates … there are more levels to the stronghold coming as is a “HERO ACADEMY”

i now am increasing the storage on the hero roster and keeping duplicate 4*s , why ?
well I suspect the hero academy may come into using spares & duplicates for new or improved hero’s

. keep em

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2 of all healers, fast mana, game changers and your favorite heroes, else 1 copy is enough.


I would use them for your higher level heroes to get them max quicker. Then they are at their most useful for you. Keep working the lower level ones with 1* until specials maxed (I’ve never had a 4* or 5* at 3/70 or 3/60 without already maxing special).

Saving dupes for a future possible Academy that may or may not use them is a bit dubious, especially if your roster space is filled. Extra roster space can be expensive if you aren’t a whale.

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I agree on this. I currently have 2 of all healers (minus Kiril for some reason they will NOT let me get a 2nd one and I’ve had more than 5 of the others), and pure best of the best players/game changers I have 2 Grimms/Proteus/Jackals. I also plan to keep two Caedmon/Sonya for double fast mana/snipe if I am stacking (I previously fed them but sure I will get them again). And lastly a couple of 5 star classics if I ended up with a dupe of them (fed almost every 5* dupe to themselves until people said don’t do that with 5s now I only have 2 Seshats out of my current 25 5 roster lol), and like a small couple of the 3 star dupes for the tournaments but that’s not a whole lot either. No matter what I’m never keeping more than 2 of any hero ever.

I currently have 100 of my 150 roster as kept heroes, the other 50 slots are for feeders. if I kept all these dupes I’d be spending so money for hero storage when I have no idea if and when they will be useful and I’m not willing to do that, which is to your point @nevarmaor I already spent a few gems to get it to 150 that is it for me.

I prefer variety over multiples. The time and resources it takes I would get more joy in leveling different heroes over time once my solid for sure heroes are leveled, and play different combos with them. Unfortunately before this forum and understanding the game I was a heavy C2P player and did several 10pull and Atlantis 30pull summons because I didn’t understand how to get better heroes, so now that I’ve invested I want to enjoy the investment and not spend so much time leveling a bunch of copies.

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