Mikki or Fenrir Ascension?

Who to ascend pretty straight forward?

I have Ranvir at +8 and I have Frida, Ariel completely ascended. All my fighter emblems are on Kingston +9 and I have 750 barbarian emblems, +20 on Little John and some on Grimm. Who do I ascend? On one hand I have a titan killer but extra emblems, on the other I have a good finisher but no emblems.

Mikki is only good for titans, but he is the BEST for titans. Seriously, he gives better average damage boost for tiles than Ranvir. The ONLY titan he’s not the best choice for is the Thunder Unicorn (reflects blue damage).

The question you have to ask yourself is what is the most important part of the game for you? If it’s raids, then Fenrir is the only option. If it’s titans, Mikki is the only way to go.

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I like both tend more towards raids right now but its because i need to restock items after challenge event

F.w.i.w comparison of Miki to Ranvir:

My personal suggestion depends on what titans you’re fighting… If you are fighting 10-11* tops, Miki works & survives just fine at 3-70

Fenrir on the other hand gains a lot more power by going to max…


In my honest opinion, you just need to ask yourself - do my Titan attacks need a boost? In which case it’s got to be Mikki.
Do I need another strong hero for war and raids etc? In which case it’s got to be Fenrir
Good luck

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