Francine or frigg?

Opinions appreciated! Currently at 5 tonics, soon to be 6, opinions appreciated!

Frigg…20 flashy emeralds


Can you explain your reasoning?

I would say Frigg as well. The kind of def down and hit all she can provide at fast mana is unmatched. Plus, she is the only 5* green regular def de-buffer in town. Francine as good as she is only gets better when paired with Frigg.

Frigg is amazing for everything…Francine is good but you’ll still take a turn of DoT if you get hit during the 3 turns. You’ll be happy with either one but Frigg will help you more overall…green stacks and titans especially

Here is a link to vid I did of Frigg wrecking a war defense I went up against…


Frigg, she’s great everywhere!

I’m struggling with this too. I admit I haven’t been tracking like I should.
I’m distracted lately. But it seems to me that 1 time out of 10 I get the first half of that video. And the rest of the time I get the last half. A charged Frigg with 1 tile.
Waiting… a lot like Fenrir!

The more I play her
And the more I face her

I feel like Frigg is better on defense. She really shakes up my offensive color schemes. Especially when flanked by GM… and she changes my raids with concern for tile movement…

Meanwhile Francine has the complete opposite contribution: consistency!

Solid damage. With elemental caveat!
And a unique cleanse. Which looks very appealing to me…

I’m definitely on the fence. I think I’m going to wait a while. See how the metas turn out. And sort my defense. If I don’t need a Frigg tank, then I think I’d like a Francine weapon.

The final solution however…
is looking like…
Both! :yum:

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Interesting, I have been wanting to move Telly out of tank and have considered Frigg but not sure yet :thinking:

I have been fairly lucky with boards and Frigg at least in war attacks. Haven’t really used her much for regular raiding. But yes, when she fails she fails big :joy:

Edit: I have Francine and am excited to level her. She is first in line for the six tonics I currently hold.

Yeah, I really don’t know. I need to dust off my notepad and start tracking my Figg’n tiles… it’s embarrassing…

I have had luck with her on offense. But, due to the lacking consistency and watching her sit there at 15% health, fully charged with 2 tiles on the board…

I’d say luck is definitely a factor…

Defense can run the same way. But she absorbs enough tiles to not care and fire multiple times. And… even a slight def down in stat boosted D’s, still hurts!

She’s an intriguing hero for sure! Francine maybe a bit boring but. I can see some strong value there also!

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Frigg already proven as A+ hero
Francine just a shiny new hero, and i doubt she is an A+. I bet francine just around B+ or A-


In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a defence hero I would focus first on Frigg.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Hello Maniac,

I do not have Francine. But I am leveling Frigg (nearly at 3*70) and she is already a beast.

For the polyvalence, I would advise Frigg because she is A/A+ rated in all the aspects of the game (titan, wars, raids…), it is a no brainer for me. Francine is not even if she seems great.

For you upcoming tonics Francine should be considered :wink: but I would definitely start with Frigg.



Thank you all for the response frigg is STRONG. Leveling her now and she make fight soo much easier!

Evelyn + Frigg + Francine = 3 dead enemy heroes. And you can take that to the bank.

Frigg vs Francine. Frigg wins the tonics FIRST. She is good everywhere. Francine shines in raids.

In the end, I would max both.


I would level Frigg first, simply because she is amazing in everything. I don’t see Francine on a defence team, unless if she is flanking a red tank. Frigg fits into the Def down slot of the titan team, and I’m not so sure about Francine on a titan team either.

Frigg 1, then frigg 2, then frigg3 … :joy:

They are 2 great heroines, but I think Frigg is still one step ahead. She’s awesome!

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