Frigg or Lianna? Defense team? And some more

Hello there,

It has been over seven months since I started playing. I have been doing fairly well in general, thanks to this great forum. I will have some questions and need some advice on a couple choices. You can find my current roster at the bottom of the post.

I finally got a tonic to complete it to 6. And I would like your opinion regarding which green 5* deserves to get them.

I do have Telly maxed already. My options are Frigg, Lianna (no costume), Zocc, Lady of the Lake, Kadilen(no costume) and Horghall.
I eliminated Horghall, Kadilen and Zocc right away. Despite being a beast, Lady of the Lake is eliminated too because she is slow. That leaves me with Lianna and Frigg. I was planning to use them on Lianna but got Frigg on a lucky single coin pull. That put me in a dilemma.
Lianna is a proper sniper that can be used in every aspect of the game but Firgg got too many positive reviews and I am confused. I would be glad to hear what you think.

My second question will be the defence team line up.
On my roster below, you can see my defense team as Team 1.
I currently use them in this order. Mist-BT-Telly-Magni-Kage. Is this order good?
They keep me over 2400 most of the time. I do have Malosi and Grazul at 4/80. Should I replace Mist and BT with them? Or do you have any other suggestions?

The third question is, Who should be my next 5* red? I have 5 rings atm. Options are Marjana, Elena, Khagan, Noor?

Last question is, yellow 5*. I have 5 darts atm. Options are Vivica(with costume), 2nd Malosi, Norns and G.Owl. I am currently leveling up Vivica.

I do have four 3* maxed from every colour.
We attack 9-10* Titans.
Emblems are scarce.

Thank you very much for your time and advices.

Here is my roster. Team 2 is current level up projects.

I think at this stage of the game you’ll see a lot more value in Lianna


ANSWER TO FIRST Q: Lianna. You need to max her for her to be potent at killing. You may place Frigg at 3/70 and she still is decently usable. At least, you have Almur to fire first then Frigg and then Lianna, who will surely kill any single target previously hit by the other 2. Moreover, she’ll greatly improve once you get her costume, either as a F2P getting keys from the Masquerade quest and from various chests or as a C2P/P2P using gems from the monthly Masquerade portal.

ANSWER TO SECOND Q: With Telly tanking, the previous meta ideally flanking the tank are Gravemaker and Vela. Now since Vela has been nerfed, and since you don’t have other better flanking heroes, placing legendary heroes defending replacing them epic heroes adds oommphh to your defense as most legendary heroes have better overall stats than the epic ones.

ANSWER TO THIRD Q: You can not max a legendary fire hero with only 5 rings. But among Marjana, Elena, Khagan and Noor, I am more inclined to ascend Marjana only if you have 6 rings. She is just fast compared to the rest and the current meta more often favors that, offensively or defensively.

ANSWER TO FOURTH Q: You can not max a legendary holy hero with only 5 darts. I think you’ll benefit with Vivica with costume. She may be slow but with maxed costume bonus, she may fire her skill as if she is an average mana hero.

Whatever you choose and do, keep us posted.


I have c lianna who plays well in raids and wars.

I maxed frigg yesterday and will be taking her to +19.

Absolutely no regrets about ascending her. She’s the most fun to play with since Finley for me.

She’s not a sniper but so far when she fires, opponents’ defenses have anywhere from 20-44% defense down.

She will make all your snipers hit comparably to lianna.

Since your tank is tell, neither will likely be on your defense although both are great there too. Frigg flank, lianna wing.

My vote is for frigg, take her to 3/70 and play her some, you’ll see the “wow!”


Frigg is ridiculously powered (so much so she would be nerfed if she was a HOTM and widely available). She’ll escape the nerf similar to Finley because she is “rare”. Ascend her and enjoy her. She’s amazing.


Thanks everyone for their feedback!

Thank you @Ultra for your detailed advice. But dude, I know I need 6 mats lol:) Was asking advice for near future projects. I already got the sixth ring by the way. Marjana is getting them as you advised.

So, after all your suggestions, I decided to level up Frigg to 3/70 and see if she can hold up against 10* titans. If she were able, then I was going to level up Lianna. But I summoned Kingston from a single gem pull in the mean time. Luckiest summon I guess. So, he will be getting the tonics this round which I think you all will agree.

As for the Defense Team, I changed it to Kage-Grazul-Telly-Magni-Malosi. They are slightly better keeping me over 2400 securely.
Vivica will get the next set of darts.

Thanks again for your time and suggestions.