Frigg on offense

Hello, just pulled Frigg from valhalla today. Really happy about this… I have read all the threads on how awesome she is on def. But i am more interested in strategies in using her on offense. Looks like she might have a hard time fitting in my current mono green as her skill needs lots of green tiles to be effective. My current mono green is: Mother north, hansel, liana, buddy, almur (all+20). I was thinking that she would replace buddy for the def down. And she synergizes well with the other fast heroes. Any thoughts?

My other notable greens are: tarlak+20 (swap out MN for titans), zocc 3.70, bertilla 3.70, telly 3/70, margaret 3/70.

Hi, I use her in my green stack including Phileas Fogg, Hansel, Mother North and Lady of the Lake. Even if there is not a lot of green tiles when she fires, she can make decent damages. Fogg hitting after her is a beast, and I can’t imagine how Evelyn can also be. I think a nice combo could be Frigg + Tarlak.

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Frigg is een mooie held in de deff als aanval als op max is…kleine tip je moet de meeste Schilden pakken in de emblemen schema plus de mana versnelling…en zeker niet als tank haar gebruiken…grt

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She is great for offence as well. Her fast speed makes it so there tends to be enough greens scattered around the board for her special to be effective. I use her in most of my raid teams as that fast defense down accentuates all your other hero’s.


This has nice potential. Maybe i shoulld run Mother north-tarlak-liana-hansel-frigg…

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Funny how people use different tactics. When I colour stack Fogg and frigg I have found it more potent to fire Fogg first then Frigg. Foggs 58% elemental defense down will always be greater than Friggs maximum hit of 44% to all. I was just going by the eye test so might be wrong. Would love to hear others experience.


I do use her when I use my green stack (which is quite rare these days) but after quite a few trials I found C Brienne much more effective vs blue titans than Frigg. If I had Buddy I’d try both out to see which ends up with the better scores

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I run Frigg in my green stack for raids - Almur, Frigg, Francine , Toxicandra and Caedmon. Works quite nicely with Almur firing first for elemental defence down, then Frigg and Francine kind of finishes them off. This team can take out almost any high diamond defence given 3 green matches.
Very good synergy with Almur/Evelyn or attack boost heroes like Tarlak. Heimdall etc.


I use her on offense instead of Buddy. I don’t have a 23 mana troops and this might count as well. But her hit is much stronger than Buddy’s due to a much higher attack, plus she hits all and the defense down goes to all, even though rarely her defense down will be stronger than Buddy’s. Not in the least, being fast, she will fire much more often.

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You’re having trouble between choosing between buddy and Frigg? There’s no contest. Even when you get you’re the special fired up, there’s almost always green tiles left on the board. Plus it doesn’t take a lot for her hit to be strong. That plus plus her secondary special with her attacks stats make it easy to replace any or your 4* heroes.

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The general rule is, if you have two heroes that deal regular defense debuff and elemental defense debuff, it is prudent to let the hero with the highest overall damage fire his/her skill after the other. So, if I have Evelyn (elemental defense debuffer; higher attack stat and skill damage multiplier) and Buddy (regular defense debuffer; lower attack stat and skill damage multiplier), both deal damage, you will notice that Buddy-then-Evelyn will deal more overall damage than Evelyn-then-Buddy. So, you fire first the hero with less (or no) damage output.


I was so wrong about this. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Does a SS benefit from a elemental def down?

Ex. Firing almur then liana?

On blue titans, Fogg has essentially rendered Evelyn useless.

First of all, it’s just one enemy, so Evelyn’s hit 3 doesn’t matter. Next, his defense down is 4% more than Evelyn. Then, Fogg dispels before the hit instead of after like Evelyn does. Lastly, his attack stats are far higher then hers and his hit is is twice as hard (420% vs her 210%).

The only upside Evelyn has over Fogg is the elemental link of health recovery for greens. But his upside against titans far outweigh hers.

Most of my top level rangers are at +18 or +19 (Onyx, Gefjon, Finley and Seshat). My only unemblemed ranger I have maxed is Lianna.

I haven’t felt a need to put a emblems on her since I’ve gotten some better greens hitters like Fogg, Garjammal, Francine, Kadilen and Kingston.

If I get a better ranger along the line, I’ll probably take the emblems off of Evelyn and redistribute them.


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