Defense team around Frigg

I’m a rather new player but I pulled Frigg and managed to level her as my first 5* 80.
My question is who I’m supposed to team her up with as my defense team?

I got around 300 emblems I could put on Boldtusk to make him a tank/tankier.
I’ll probably finish Vivica pretty soon, but all emblems are on Rigard C.
My current play is to finish the heroes/costumes I was leveling when I got Frigg (Little John C, Caedmon, Guardian Falcon, Tiburtus C, Gormek).
New projects after that will be Kiril C, Jott and Almur.
I’m currently missing 1 tabard to get Khiona to full level so I’m waiting a bit there.

So any current, and future, recommendations based on my roster would be appreciated.

Looking at your roster here are my initial thoughts. I wouldnt bother worrying about making boldtusk tanker currently. If you are using costume rigard you are getting the same attack boost and heal anyway (unless you are thinking of using dual healers, which I would opponent do as it’s an easier tile dump, but if you did it should be boldtusk and normal rigard)

Frigg can tank if you look for @Mr.Spock on youtube he has a few vids on her.

I would be using Costume Rigard, Grimm (if you have spare emblems he might be worth them) Frigg, then it’s a case of when ready I would use Gilinbursti and finally Scarlett or Colen in the wing.

Could use Wu Kong while waiting on Gilinbursti ( I only use mine on titans and even hate using him there, some folk swear by him though)

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