Frigg as tank, flank or wing?

Any help appreciated. I keep going round in circles with my thinking and would appreciate others input… just can’t work out my best line up. Also - Have the mats to bring up one more blue 5* and 1 red 5*.
I think Frigg might be the most devastating hero in the game when she fires - so want her firing! Thinking I probably need a red tank to keep more greens on the table. Puss uses rogue emblems so bringing up Grazul (v average as a tank I know) to be that tank. No idea how to set up though? I’m thinking Rumple-Clarissa-Grazul-Frigg-Onyx. But that’s a weak healing team… Frigg only really boosts Onyx as a game winning pair. Also seems criminal to have a telly and not use her! And lose her emblems to Clarissa.

Other option is: frigg at left wing or flank (clearly the most effective place for her)-Rumple or perhaps new blue (magni or a Glenda maybe?)-Grazul-Telluria-Onyx. More balanced healing, but not exactly a high damage team, and worry Frigg won’t charge much on the wing. I’d also miss clarissas very fast damage which I fully rate.

I can’t seem to work out a nice team balance involving Frigg out wide. Was thinking I could therefor put her or Telluria as tank and the other as flank but IMO 2 matching colours as tank and flank are definitely not a good idea are they?!

Any ideas or thoughts you have appreciated!

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Personally I use Frigg at tank and she rocks. Compared to Telly she is more fragile but my def won more cups with Frigg than it was with Telly. Frigg at flank is good but I would not put her at wing personally. You want her going off as much as possible which will happen at flank more so than at wing. I am not a fan of doubling up on colors on defense. If I see matching flanks it just makes it easier to stack for the flanks or the tank and flanks.

As far as healing on defense; I don’t think it’s super important. I only use MT as a healer for my defense and she is HoT and slow mana. But once again, the def holds up. So some healing is beneficial, but I read somewhere here on the forum that battles are a damage race and I agree with that so aggressive defense is my style.

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@Palms you went all attack on frigg right?

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Frigg is great anywhere. But best at flank imo

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Indeed @Mallix, 100% attack path.

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Cheers for the feedback guys. I have gone with the advice:

Clarissa - Frigg (but might swap her to tank) - Grazul - Rumple - Onyx.

Really considering taking Glenda or Magni up in place of rumple. Kinda like him to though as he is the dark horse in that line up. Just he doesn’t always do what you want him to do! Ha ha.

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