Frigg embleme path

So tomorrow will be shrikewood and i will ascend Frigg but i dont know the path i should go.

I will swap magni with frigg cuz of -def, if i get an red tank i can go with frigg flank or i can go with frigg tank but telluria ia still the best tank IMO

Emblems for frigg 550

I need some advice please!!!

Nop frigg is better than telluria in the tank position. With the defense path you won’t one shot her with a mono red, she will fire and you wont recover from her insane damages at fast speed + debuff to all.

By far the best green tank and also the best green flank to a red tank

Hmmm i dont know what to say, 550 emblems not a great amount for her, i will probably go with def only beacause his main use is -def

If you keep using Telluria tank, I would advise not using Frigg on defense as well.

Frigg has pretty balanced stats. I personally would take all attack nodes b/c that gives a balanced increase in hp and def (based on the rogue class tree). However, if you are going to use her on defense team (ex: tank or flank), then maybe you want to consider def/hp path.

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Frigg has well balanced stats, I chose the attack path because her AoE would gain the most benefit. I chose defense + health once in the latter nodes because her attack was fairly high and just added a little more balance to her stats.


I would say attack as well. Mine is at +9 and will be going attack 100%.

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What tank u have???

I don’t use Frigg for my defense currently as I am still using Telly. However, I ended up getting Mica from the ninja summon and will probably make him tank eventually at which point I would put Frigg in as a left wing or flank. For now though I just use her for attack teams. Probably something along these lines for defense…

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@l2ider I want to use Frigg as my tank on my defense. Would you still chose attack path for her emblem path in that case?

@JAWS1 I have her as flank and went full attack path. I also use her a ton in offense. If you look at top teams that have her…the numbers are mostly this or they went mana route which drops attack 1 and adds another defense. I think these numbers work great

880 attack 818 Defense 1431 HP


Excellent! Thanks @Darkness11!

Tbh, I don’t think she’s a good tank even if you went defense health route.

That’s with not only me but many other people having tested.

Even if you decide to use as a tank, I’d still go more towards the attack path but that’s just me.

No reall wrong options.

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Go to know @l2ider! I was hoping to use her to replace Telluria at some point down the road. I’ll look to use her more as a flank instead. Thanks!

Def for sure and if i had her I’d replace my telli with Frigg, I just maxxed Krampus so im switching to him. I’m glad she is fast as Grazul is a mean counter to her.

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