Telluria or kadilen costume for tank?

I have kadilen costumed with 19 talents (sword path). Also Telluria as tank with 19 talents and Clarissa with 7 talents. Lastly I have Frigg with 5 talents and Marjana with 19. My defence team is gm-Ariel-tel-Magni-joon.
May I reset kadilen and put shield path and use her as tank, so I can reset tel and use talents on Clarissa ? Or reset Marjana and max Frigg for tank with maxed Clarissa as flank ?any ideas ?

Personally, for the time being, I would leave Telluria as she is.
She is still a top tank so no need to rush any decisions


Telluria is still a great tank imo 90% damage feels like its nothing but with all the other stuff Telly does it seems fair.

I’m going to answer a slightly different way: how often do you use Clarissa? Is she an integral part of your purple stack? Since the last nerf Telluria is really only good for one thing now - defensive tank, as her healing abilities have been nerfed into the ground and she is basically useless on offense.

If you use Clarissa regularly, I would definitely think about resetting and at the very least splitting the emblems with her. I reset my Telluria about 2 weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. For me I just couldn’t justify having 1125 emblems locked up on a hero who I don’t use on offense and is a one-trick pony on defense (she’s becoming a green Guin now seriously).

Of the three you mentioned, I actually think Frigg would be the best tank if you had the emblems to spare. She is fast, and her special is lethal if the board has >5 green tiles. I don’t know if I’d strip Marjana though, outside of Gefjon she’s still the only true red sniper, so Frigg would be more of a long term project. cKadilen has proven to be surprisingly annoying, and I’ve lost to a few due to underestimating that dodge. If you have a lv 17 mana troop, she charges in 7 tiles, making her even more annoying as a tank.

tl;dr If you use Clarissa a lot, consider splitting emblems from Telluria. Frigg would be the most devastating out of the three, but don’t reset Marjana for Frigg. If you do reset Telluria, use cKadilen as tank, especially if you have a lv 17 mana troop.


I don’t have purple heroes maxed except Clarissa and domitia ( also crigard and ctiburtus . Also mok-ar and sargasso at 3.70)
So Clarissa with 20 talents would immediately take a place in my def team. For ckadilen I have a 20 mana troop and a 20 crit troop. But then I have also to change path if I have to use her as tank cause she takes the sword path in costume. Speaking of guin I am thinking also to strip her 19 talents off and split it to Glenda and onatel ( 11 talents now). Is it worth it all that resources?

C Kadilen is very annoying. I’d pick her over Telluria any day.


You’ve got lots of good heroes, so I think who gets the emblems simply comes down to who you use more and for what purpose. I reset my Telluria because I realized I stopped using her on offense, replacing her with cMelendor (LOL) since her heal sucks and the minions are no longer as beefy.

Guin is kind of a lame duck on offense even if she is an excellent tank. But if you’re going to run green tanks for the foreseeable future, maybe it makes sense to strip Guin and emblem Onatel? Not sure if I’d emblem Glenda until more people have maxed her and there’s more feedback.

Btw, I actually fear cKadilen more than Telluria these days, especially after the last nerf. Sure cKadilen doesn’t slow your mana, but if everybody dodges your special it’s as good as a 100% mana cut!! :scream:


17 level troops makes her seven tiles? why?

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