Scopes for Misandra of Frida?

Just received the 6th telescope I’ve been waiting on (a week before Frostmarch!)

I have Misandra and Frida at 3.70 (and Miki headed to 3.70, but I don’t think he should be in the conversation) and figure I should use them on Frida, but want to see if I’m missing something with Misandra. Neither is going to be on my defense, so it’ll be titans, wars and raiding. My maxed roster is Zim, Mitsuko, Athena, Eve, Kage, and Rana, so having another fast hitter in Misandra sounds nice for all around usage, but Frida is obviously going to be better for titans. Neither has much competition for emblems on my roster. Any wisdom for me?

TL:DR; I’m overthinking this and should just ascend Frida, no Misandra, right?


Yep. Do Frida first, then Misandra. I had the same issue. Frida and Grimm really like eachother. You won’t regret it.


I vote Frida and 20 characters.

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And frida vs miky?

I I have maxed magni?

I still vote frida vs. Miki as well.

Dispeller, -54% ice defense, and 290% dmg to target and nearby is top notch.


The question is just who will live longer

So I heeded the good sense you all had for me and went with Frida. Looking foward to her and Athena laying waste to all they encounter.

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You already have maxed Athena and Frida works well with her to stack debuff. So Frida works at 3/70. Misandra needs to be maxed to fully utilize her skills and damage.

I agree with the general consensus to go with Frida. Her and Athena will lay waste to entire defensive wings, especially if paired with Grimm/Kiril in raid stacks.

Frida works better in teams with a blue stack. Misandra has better solo synergy (e.g. herself and another in the smaller side of a 3-2 raid stack). Having Frida higher level will increase her survivability against higher tier Titans and give her a better chance of surviving in raids, and Frida has a higher attack value for tile damage, so she makes more sense.

Of the two, Frida makes more sense for Titans, Wars, and Raiding in general. Misandra has less explosive synergy but plays better with other colors, so if your playstyle is more open to the idea of raiding in a 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 stack where blue is the off-color, Misandra would work better there, whereas Frida requires you to have a blue stack to get the most out of her, pairing with Athena if nobody else simply because she, like her elemental sisters Panther and Evelyn, don’t work fantastically by themselves.

Basically, Frida plays well with other blues.

Misandra plays better if she has no other support.

But you already made your call, which I agree is the correct one, but Misandra should probably be nexdt since she’s a sniper and needs the stat boost. Miki doesn’t particularly require that for Titans, but increasing his stats would be helpful in getting higher scores.

That’s what I was thinking, though you layed it out much better than I had it in my head. I really really want Misandra maxed, but Frida seems like she’ll be more impactful where it’ll be most useful. Misandra is definitely next on my list and Miki works just fine at 3.xx for the Titans my alliance deals with. I could use another fast sniper to compliment Kage, but worst case scenario I’ll get Liana her 6th tonic when Shrikewood rolls around next.

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